The Photo Shoot-a Taylor Lautner visual (FINISHED VERSION)

I was really excited about this shoot, especially because it's also a shoot for a new fragrance. My name's Jinelle Makenna Grant and I am a model. I'm a plus-size fashion model who does print and commercials. Modeling can be crazy and very busy at times, but it does have its perks. I especially looked forward to this photo shoot. This shoot's for a cologne and get this I got to model with a guy. My agent told me this shoot was a series of both print ads and TV commercials. It was for this cosmetics/fragrance company called Rowdy Rouge Cosmetics, which is female-owned and operated. I did my research about this company; they made such hot fragrances such as Heatstroke, Raging Hormones, Touching Temptation, and their popular dual fragrance Leather and Lace. This new fragrance I was to model for was a cologne that aims at younger men like 18-24. The cologne's titled Boy Toy. My agent also told about the guy I'm modeling with who's a famous actor. When she told me that the actor was Taylor Lautner, I was super ecstatic, thrilled even! I had the biggest crush on him since watching him in The Twilight Saga: New Moon. I've had several pictures of him, both fully clothed and shirtless. My crush on him became full blown when he officially turned 18. I even made a scrapbook with all of his pictures, including both the Rolling Stone issue and the pictures from New Moon. My agent and I met with the heads of Rowdy Rogue Cosmetics about the ad campaign two weeks ago. They even showed me some of the previous campaigns for their fragrances and cosmetics. I was also given a sample of their Boy Toy fragrance for men. It smelled hot; it had sandalwood, vanilla, cinnamon, musk, amber, leather, and ginger. Two weeks later, I arrived at the studio. Being a professional, I showed up on time and greeted everyone with a smile. We started working on the first commercial/print ad. I was officially introduced to Taylor. I was like "OMG! Here he is in person!" through my kind and professional demeanor. "Hi Taylor! I'm Jinelle, it's so nice to meet you." I said to him. "Very nice to meet you, Jinelle. I look forward to us working together." Taylor said to me as he flashed his sweet, perfect smile. My heart nearly melted when he looked and smiled at me. I was super excited about this shoot already. A few moments later, Taylor and I arrived on the set. The first shoot at the studio had a kitchen-like setup. I was dressed in this sexy black and white checkered dress with a white apron that said "Desperate Housewife". With my costume, I wore black fishnet stockings, a matching black and white checkered kerchief, black Mary Jane heels, and a white petticoat underneath my costume. I was supposed to be this Desperate Housewife-like female while Taylor's the hot gardener who comes into the kitchen when I offer him something sweet like vanilla cupcakes. "Jinelle, imagine yourself as the horny housewife that's lusting for the hot, young gardener while your workaholic husband is at work. Think of Taylor satisfying all your needs while you frost the cupcakes." The photographer instructed to me. We all got started on the shoot. I frosted the cupcakes while looking out the window for the first pose and then looked toward a shirtless Taylor as he came into the door. On my second pose, I walked up to him and pulled him close to me by the waistband of his jeans. As I held on to the pose, I suddenly felt his erection gradually getting hard underneath his jeans and underwear. Being around a half-naked Taylor got me turned on and I enjoyed it with each moment. For the next pose, I had to put frosting onto Taylor's body. So Taylor got himself laid out on the counter. Then, I take a piper bag filled with vanilla frosting and put some frosting on his chest and his abs. Next, I spread it with my fingers and made a pose like I was about to lick the frosting off of my fingers. I then leaned over Taylor like I was about to kiss him before licking the frosting off his body. The photographer then said, "That's a wrap on the first shoot. Taylor, Jinelle, great work! Get yourselves cleaned up and be ready for the next shoot." For the next photo shoot, Taylor and I went to the beach. I changed into a two-piece bikini that was pink with blue lace and mini bows. It had a padded triangle top with a string halter and back tie; it also came with matching pucker bottoms that gave my shapely bottom a lift. The warm, sunny weather was perfect for a day at the beach. Taylor entered the beach, wearing nothing but a pair of dark blue board shorts with yellow stripes which reminded me of his favorite football team, the University of Michigan Wolverines. He looked just as hot as he did on the first photo shoot, I felt myself getting hot just looking at him. For the first pose, I sat on my knees on the sand with my windswept long, dark hair as Taylor wrapped his arms around my waist. The photographer even wanted us to be playful with each other like we were on a beach date, so Taylor and I would splash ocean water on each other, roll around on the sand, and run around the beach like we were playfully chasing each other. The shoot wrapped as soon as the sun was about to go down. “And we are done on the second shoot of the day! Great work, everyone. Taylor and Jinelle, thanks for the amazing shots! I look forward to working with you two again.” The photographer said to us. “You’re very welcome.” Taylor and I said to him. Once the photographer and the crew left the beach, Taylor and I got into our regular clothes. As soon as I went into my apartment, I then showered, sprayed on some perfume, styled my hair, and changed into my date night clothes. I wore a black lace mini dress with black lace bra and panties and black jeans. For shoes, I had on a pair of black faux leather motorcycle boots. I looked out my window and there was Taylor on his motorcycle. I stepped out of my apartment, came down the stairs, and gave him a big, sweet hug. I hopped on to his motorcycle as we put on our helmets and rode over to a nearby diner. We had dinner; shared some laughs, and then we went up to my apartment. “You have a lovely place.” Taylor said to me. “Why thank you.” I happily replied. We sat on my couch all close and cozy, looking into each other’s eyes. I felt my heart flutter as he touched and kissed my hand. I moved a little closer as I then made my first move and kissed his lips. I’ve had many fantasies of Taylor of both the romantic and the sexual kind. As we kissed, I felt his hand resting on my knee and I placed both of my hands onto his shirt-covered chest. Next thing you know, I slowly took off Taylor’s leather jacket as I kissed his lips some more, only deeper and more passionate than the first one. I then gently broke the kiss and said to him, “I got a little turned on when I saw you at the beach today when you were in those board shorts.” “You looked so gorgeous in both of those photo shoots.” Taylor said to me. “Thank you.” I said as I resumed kissing his lips. I deeply and passionately kissed Taylor’s lips as I explored his body with my hands. I then took his hand and led him to my bedroom. Once we got there, Taylor wrapped one arm around my waist as he passionately kissed my lips while one of my hands softly played with his black hair. While we kissed each other’s lips, I took off my heels and slowly took off my jeans. I gently broke the kiss so I let him look at me with my mini dress and lingerie on. I watched as Taylor took off his shirt; his body looked so damn sexy and perfect. When I got to touch it with my hands, it felt hotter than in my dreams; I shivered and Taylor sighed at the feel of my touch. I got the chills when I felt the ripple of his abs against my fingertips. Taylor slowly and carefully took off my lace mini dress before kissing my lips again. He joined me on the queen-sized bed as he laid beside me, I moaned as he kissed my neck and I carefully undid his jeans with one hand. Once he was out of those jeans, I then got on top of him and planted a trail of soft kisses from his face down to his perfectly ripped abs. I then noticed his young erection rose slightly from his dark blue boxer shorts. I caressed his hot, ripped body with both of my hands as he then sat up on his knees; I felt his hands as he reached around and unhooked the back of my bra. I shivered and sighed as his hands fondled my womanly breasts, my sighs turned into pleasurable moans when he replaced his hands with his mouth onto them. As he orally pleasured my breasts, I slid my hand into my panties and softly stroking my clit; I was immediately wet between my thighs. Since I was already wet, Taylor planted soft kisses along my inner thighs. Once he reached my chocolate pussy, he licked my woman lips like a cat would lick up milk from a saucer. I moaned and groaned one of my hands ran through his dark hair while my other hand held onto my pillow. Things got intense when Taylor sat up on his knees and slid his hand into his boxer shorts. I watched intensely as he slowly stroked his young cock for a minute before looking into his deep brown eyes. Once he was nice and hard for me, I took out a lubricated condom from a box in my nightstand and gave it to him. I glanced in anticipation as Taylor put the condom onto his young cock. He took me into his arms and kissed my neck as he slowly and deeply entered me. I made an audible orgasm against his ear as I wrapped my legs around his waist. His young, ripped body felt hot against mine, his Native American skin felt smooth with my chocolate skin. Without messing up the flow, he laid me on my back and held onto my hips as he continued his thrusts in and out of my pussy, he even took the time to have my clit rubbed. My orgasms had gone from audible to loud enough to vibrate against the bedroom walls. Even the sight of Taylor’s naked body with drips of sweat made my arousal level go higher. We had reached climax when I helped him remove the condom from his cock and stroked him till his man milk extracted onto my stomach. Taylor gently pulled me close his body and passionately kissed my lips. “I hope you don’t mind, I’m about to take a shower in your bathroom.” Taylor said to me. “I don’t mind, the towels are in the linen closet if you need them.” I replied as he left the bedroom. While Taylor was in the shower, my cell phone rang and I answered it. My agent at the modeling agency was on the other line; we had talked for a few minutes and there was good news involved. A few minutes later, Taylor got out of the shower and came back into the bedroom with a white towel was wrapped around the waist. “Taylor, I’ve just got off the phone with my agent. The heads at Rowdy Rogue Cosmetics have looked at the pictures from our photo shoots and they are approved. In fact, they even want the two of us for commercial shoots.” I said to him. “Wow, this is great news!” Taylor happily exclaimed. “Yeah, it is. In fact, they want to have the commercial shoots set up for two weeks from now. We’ll get our checks in the mail soon.” I added. “I can’t wait to work with you again.” I said happily. “Likewise.” Taylor said to me. Once Taylor got dressed, he kissed my cheek and we said our goodbyes. I can’t believe I got to enjoy him on and off camera; I already looked forward to the commercial shoots with him. THE END


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