Lilianna McGee is a brainy, sociable, beautiful, articulate, 22-year-old college student by day, majoring in law over at the Emory University of Law. She entered freshman year with a 4.0 GPA and kept it up ever since. She does have friends at school, but she often goes either to the library, the nearest coffeehouse, her apartment in Buford, or to her weekly full-time job at Chik-Fil-A. The only time she would have a bad day is when she forgets her glasses (because she’s nearsighted) and have eyesight headaches. She’s the kind of girl who much rather spend her leftover money on books (both for school and for pleasure) than a new pair of shoes, that and the kind who takes her school books and studies everywhere she goes. On Fridays and Saturdays after work, she takes pleasure into watching kpop videos because little do her friends know, she’s a kpopper. She gets excited when watching music videos from Korean boy and girl groups on YouTube; she loves the upbeat pop music and likes to learn the dance routines. She gets really turned on when watching Kpop boy band videos because she thinks all those Korean guys are so very sexy, the videos were like porn to her. Though she didn’t understand one word in Korean, she enjoyed watching the videos. She gets hot and aroused watching the Korean boy bands with their body rolls, hip thrusts, moments of shirtlessness, sexy hair porn, eye staring, and lip licking/biting; she would have mental orgasms from both the music videos and the live performance videos. Other than her fellow classmates at Emory Law, Lilianna has friends at the Pedicure Palace nail salon. The girls who work there, who are from South Korea, are the ones who she can talk to about kpop while getting her nails and toes done. A few Sundays ago, she and Rosalie, a fellow classmate of hers who studies criminal law, went out to lunch at a local sports bar. “Lilianna, can I ask you a question?” Rosalie asked her. “Sure, ask away.” Lilianna replied. “Do you ever go out at night?” Rosalie asked. “Do you mean on weekends or weeknights?” Lilianna responded. “At any night.” Rosalie replied. “Well, to be totally honest, I would either go to my apartment, the Waffle House, or the 24-hour IHOP after working at Chik-Fil-A six days a week. Plus, I also go to work after school.” Lilianna responded. “Okay, okay. Do you ever go out on a date?” Rosalie then asked her. “No, I’ve always been busy whether it’s with work or school. Yet, I’ve managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA while working full-time at my job.” Lilianna said. “I’m just concerned about you, Lilianna. I want just you to have some fun in your life.” Rosalie said to her. “The only fun I like to have after school/work hours is watching Kpop music videos on YouTube.” Lilianna said. “That’s great and all; is there anything else you like to do that’s also fun?” Rosalie asked. “Every now and then, I like to have a spur-of-the-moment shopping spree over at Bath & Body Works at the Mall of Georgia.” Lilianna replied. “That’s always fun! I just don’t want you to be one of those people who are all work and no play. You got to have balance and fun in your life.” Rosalie replied. “Okay.” Lilianna said. “Here’s what I want for you to do: On any Friday or Saturday night, I want you to go out to a club and also meet a guy. I also want you to have some sexy outfits in your closet. Don’t get me wrong, your sweater-blouse-skirt/sweater & skirt with 2-inch heel combinations are great for school, but you also got to have some outfits for nights when you go out on dates with guys or girls’ night outs.” Rosalie said. “I could use a little more fun in my life...” Lilianna said to Rosalie. “That’s the spirit!” Rosalie exclaimed happily. “Can we go shopping this week?” Lilianna asked Rosalie. “Absolutely yes! How about we go shopping right after school tomorrow?” Rosalie excitedly responded. “I’m game! Plus, I could always study later, I don’t report to work till three o’clock, and I just got paid two weeks ago.” Lilianna happily replied. When school ended for the day on Monday, Lilianna and Rosalie went over to the Mall of Georgia for a shopping spree. “Which store should we stop by first?” Lilianna asked Rosalie. “Let’s try Bebe!” Rosalie replied. “Okay, let’s go there!” Lilianna happily said. Lilianna and Rosalie made stops at Bebe and a few other stores at the mall, she made a few purchases. “Can I come over to your place when you get off work? I can’t wait to see what you bought at the mall today.” Rosalie said as they arrived at Lilianna’s apartment. “Sure, that would be great.” Lilianna replied. That night, Lilianna got off work for the night and went home to her apartment. She changed into her comfortable pajamas and relaxed for a bit before Rosalie came over. She went on YouTube and looked videos involving sexy K-Pop boy bands and she clicked on a video titled “Kpop ABS and sexy moves”, which she saved on her Favorites playlist. Every single time she watched that video, she would get turned on and sometimes she would play with her woman bits while watching, she often replayed it again and again. A few minutes later, Rosalie came over to see what she had bought from their shopping trip at the Mall of Georgia. Lilianna showed Rosalie all that she had bought at the mall: a few dresses, three pairs of shoes, five skirts (three of them pencil for her to wear to school), and two bottles of perfume. She even modeled the clothes for Rosalie, all of which fitted her body perfectly. After her mini fashion show, Lilianna put her pajamas back on and then said to Rosalie, “There’s a video on YouTube I really want to show you.” Interested, Rosalie replied, “Ooh, do show me!” “I’m about to show you something that will make you cream in your panties!” Lilianna happily warned her best friend. Lilianna and Rosalie walked over to her open area corner office as she clicked the replay button on the “Kpop ABS and sexy moves” video; she even had the video on full screen. Together, they watched a video that featured hot guys from Korean pop boy bands doing body rolls and showing off their hot bodies. Once the video was over, both females had to fan themselves because it was so hot. “So what do you think of Korean boy bands?” Lilianna asked Rosalie. “Damn!!! Those boys are hot! I can see why you like them so much!” Rosalie replied. “Oh yeah, they’re so sexy, that if their sex appeal was like the terrorism alert system, they would be classified as code red!” Lilianna responded. “I swear they should come with that whistle that college-age females have to wear in case of personal assault!” Rosalie said. “Their sex appeal should be illegal in this country; I mean they are walking talking porn on two legs!” Lilianna replied. “Lilianna, I think I know a place in Atlanta where you can find some sexy Asian men.” Rosalie said. “Really? Do tell.” Lilianna said to Rosalie. “There’s this new club called Escape, it’s a three-story club for black women only. This place has three floors: vanilla, caramel, and honey. I’ve heard of this club by way of Montana and her sister Francesca were talking about it at lunch, they plan on going there Friday night.” Rosalie replied. “This place sounds very hot! I would love to go there myself.” Lilianna said. “Great!’ Rosalie happily exclaimed. “In fact, I want to go there on Saturday night when I get off from work. I can change into one of my new outfits before going to the club.” Lilianna replied. “Okay, be sure to give me all the details after your night out.” Rosalie said. That Saturday night, Lilianna got off work for the week as planned. She then went to her place and changed into one of her new outfits, a one-shoulder black dress with an overlapping lace pattern on a nude overlay and a sweetheart v-neckline; she put on a pair of black lace high heels to go with her dress. After styling her hair and putting on her make-up, Lilianna got into her sliver metallic sedan and drove to Escape. She arrived at the three-story brick building and entered the red and black lobby. She signed up to the club mailing list, got her picture taken, and received her membership card. After that, she decided to check out the third floor, which was the honey floor. The honey floor had walls that were painted in two shades of yellow that made Lilianna think of honey and sunshine. She inhaled the amazingly intoxicating combined scent of honey, jasmine, and orchid, courtesy of the candles and incense. The candlelight gave a sensual, yet romantic glow to the entire floor; she took a look around the area, where there plenty of beautiful black women with gorgeous, exotic Asian men. Lilianna even made a few more friends and wrote down their names and phone numbers into her address book, for instance, she met this woman named Geraldine Hawkins, who works at Georgia Power. Tall, lean, 30-something, and chocolate-skinned Geraldine sat with Lilianna over at the bar/lounge area and had drinks together; Lilianna had a pina-coco spritzer (pineapple coconut vodka, club soda, and fresh orange juice) while Geraldine had the peaches and cream (whipped cream vodka, peach schnapps, peach puree, and sweet and sour); both females each got a glass of cold ice water and a plate of sliders. As they sipped their drinks, Geraldine and Lilianna had bonded over Kpop; Geraldine even told her about her recent trip to South Korea and her awakening as a Kpopper. “I’ve got to tell you about the time I met Big Bang!” Geraldine said excitedly. “OMG! You met them! Tell me all about it!” Lilianna happily exclaimed. “Okay, I was at the lobby at this nice hotel I was staying in Seoul, I was about to get myself some lunch. Then, someone bumped into me; I looked at the other person and it was T.O.P.!” Geraldine said to her. “T.O.P. from Big Bang bumped into you? OMG! That man is definition of eye sex; he’s the kind of guy who can make you cream your panties just by looking at you with those eyes.” Lilianna replied. “I know right! He’s just dripping with charm as he helped me up. I then got to meet the rest of Big Bang. I would tell you my biases are when it comes to them, but I just love them all. Daesung is like the smiling angel and yet he has that hot body that’s built for sinful thoughts; he got those arms that I would love to feel in a hug, Taeyang is just as sexy, especially when he moves those hips; I swear he was a male stripper in another life, he’s also like a black boy trapped in an Asian body, G-Dragon’s so fly and he has that swag, and Seungri is like sexy and sweet, and yet cute as a panda.” Geraldine said. “You are so damn lucky! You got to meet them while on vacation in South Korea of all places.” Lilianna replied. “I even took a picture with them and it’s in a safe place at my house. Oh, the fantasies I have of them; I could write plenty of erotic fan fics about all of them, separately of course. When I came home from my trip and watched their video for “Fantastic Baby” on YouTube, which was when I had my awakening as a Kpopper.” Geraldine responded. “That’s my favorite video from them! The two of us should hang out sometime and watch Kpop videos on YouTube over at my place.” Lilianna said to her. “Ooh, that would be great! Let me give you my phone numbers and you give me yours. I would love to hang out with you tonight, but I got some plans tomorrow. I’ll call you sometime.” Geraldine said as she and Lilianna exchanged phone numbers. After the exchange, Lilianna tipped the bartender and took a taxi home. Lilianna stayed around a little longer, drinking her glass of cold water after having a few small sips of her pina-coco spritzer. She then heard a male voice behind her saying, “Excuse me miss, would you mind if I sit with you?” Lilianna turned around and saw this tall, handsome, young Asian man with beautiful black hair and lovely almond-shaped eyes. “Sure, you can sit with me.” Lilianna replied as he sat next to her on the butter-soft sofa. The young, handsome Asian man introduced himself as Dae-Hyun Jung. He’s Korean-American, Korean on his mother’s side and American on his father’s side. He, his parents, and two siblings have just recently moved to Atlanta from New York City because his father got a job transfer at a Coca-Coca distribution center. “So, Dae-Hyun, what do you do?” Lilianna asked him. “I’m a culinary school student during the week, a modeling student at Barbizon on Saturdays, and I help my mom and siblings in anyway I can.” He said to her. “So you’re an aspiring chef/male model and loving older son/brother all in one?” Lilianna replied. “Indeed, I am. Plus, I also work full-time at Red Lobster six days a week. Can I ask what do you do, Lilianna?” Dae-Hyun asked her. “I’m a law student at Emory, a full-time employee at Chik-Fil-A, a big sister to a younger sibling who lives in another state, and the bigger apple of my parents’ eyes.” Lilianna responded. “Wow, that’s impressive.” Dae-Hyun said to her. After conversing and looking deep into each other’s eyes for a few minutes, Dae-Hyun asked Lilianna out to dinner that night. She accepted his invitation and they left Escape in her car to a brand-new restaurant in downtown Atlanta. A few minutes later, they arrived at the new restaurant called The Jade Dragon; this place had three kinds of Asian food: Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. The place not only had a big buffet, it also had a sushi station and a spot where patrons could create their own dumpling/pot sticker/dim sum plate by putting the already cooked dumplings, pot stickers, and dim sum into those wooden carrying crates which keeps them hot. Lilianna had two plates of food: the first plate had honey-glazed barbecued spare ribs, crispy shrimp with pepper salt, dungress crab spring rolls, and Maine lobster fried rice; the second plate had beef tenderloin with portabella mushrooms in black pepper sauce, honey glazed walnut prawns, and beef and broccoli. Dae-Hyun had a crate with a couple of dumplings and a plate with beef and broccoli and lo mein with sliced barbecued pork. Once they sat down at a booth, Lilianna and Dae-Hyun dined on delicious, exotic Asian food; they not only enjoyed the food, they also enjoyed each other’s company. “Would you like to try one of these dumplings?” Dae-Hyun asked Lilianna as he opened the crate filled with dumplings and dim sum. “Ooh, I would love to.” Lilianna happily replied. Dae-Hyun took out the chopsticks, gathered one of the shrimp and pork dumplings, and fed it to Lilianna’s lips. Lilianna savored the entire dumpling in one big bite. “What do you think?” Dae-Hyun asked her. “Wow, it’s so savory and so delicious.” Lilianna responded as she took two dumplings and put them onto her first plate. As they continued to enjoy the food and each other, Lilianna then asked Dae-Hyun, “What are you studying over at the culinary school?” “Aside from cooking, I’m also studying baking and restaurant management. I would like to have my food truck someday. I developed a love for cooking from my mother and my grandmother.” Dae-Hyun replied. “Oh, how nice is that.” Lilianna replied with a smile. “How about you? What are you studying over at Emory Law?” Dae-Hyun asked her. “I’m studying in courses specializing in both white collar crime and divorce. It’s double duty, but I want to challenge myself all while maintaining my 4.0 GPA and sending resumes to all the law firms in Atlanta. That way, I can work my way up and have my own legal firm.” Lilianna replied as she took a bite of her food. “That is just astounding, impressive even.” Dae-Hyun said with interest. Lilianna briefly looked at Dae-Hyun’s soft, pink lips as he took a bite of his barbecued pork lo mein, it made her wonder if he’s a good kisser with those lips. She then got turned on when he discreetly licked his lips with his pink tongue. After dinner, they went on to the restaurant’s dessert bar. Lilianna had the fried banana Nutella wontons with coconut ice cream while Dae-Hyun had a scoop of green tea ice cream. Then and there, they sampled and enjoyed each other’s desserts. Lilianna was definitely enjoying herself that night; she wore a new dress, went out to a new nightclub, met a hot new guy, and ate at a brand new restaurant. After having dessert, Lilianna and Dae-Hyun got eight to-go (four for each of them) boxes, Dae-Hyun paid for dinner, and packed them with food, including a couple of those dumplings they have had together. Both had left a tip to the server and went to her car; Dae-Hyun then said to her, “Before you ask about my living situation, I do have my own apartment and my own car. But my dad borrowed my car for tonight so he and my mom can go out for date night because his car’s getting fixed. I took a taxi when I went over to Escape.” Lilianna then responded, “I hope you don’t mind me asking you this, but would you like to spend the night with me at my place?” Dae-Hyun replied with a smile, “That would be great.” With that being said, Lilianna and Dae-Hyun got into her car and drove on over to her apartment; she had even gave Dae-Hyun a grand tour. “So what do you think of my place?” Lilianna asked Dae-Hyun after the tour. “You got a great place right here, it’s spacious, well-furnished, and everything.” Dae-Hyun replied. “Thanks.” Lilianna said as she went into the kitchen, put her leftovers in the fridge, and fixed two glasses of cold ice water for two of them. She then joined Dae-Hyun in the living room and sat on the soft, dark blue sofa; they even sat close to each other. “Dinner tonight at The Jade Dragon was incredible!” Lilianna happily exclaimed. “I totally agree!” Dae-Hyun replied. “The food and atmosphere was just amazing and I got to enjoy it with you.” Lilianna said as she looked into Dae-Hyun’s almond-shaped eyes. “Likewise. I especially enjoyed feeding you those dumplings and sampling those fried Nutella banana wontons from your plate.” Dae-Hyun said as he smiled at her. “I liked that I got to try new things, the only Chinese food I would have would be at Panda Express at the Mall of Georgia on an every-now-and-then-basis.” Lilianna replied with a light laugh as she sipped her water. “What kinds of food do you like to eat?” Dae-Hyun asked Lilianna. “Aside from the Asian cuisine I’ve had tonight at The Jade Dragon, I also like to eat Italian, barbecue, Mexican, and seafood. I like soul food and fried chicken as much as the next black person, but when it comes to food, people, and ambition, variety is the spice of life.” Lilianna replied as she and Dae-Hyun put their glasses down on the coasters on the living room table. “Other than the Korean food that my mom cooks, I also like barbecue because my dad’s a grill enthusiast and that summer is his favorite season to fire up the grill and surf and turf because of my mom, no matter what the combination. I have the same philosophy about variety and not just about food.” Dae-Hyun said as he looked into Lilianna’s dark brown eyes. He then softly cupped her face with his hands and kissed her lips. While they kissed, Dae-Hyun placed one hand and cradled the back of Lilianna’s head with it; his other hand rested on her upper thigh. Lilianna placed one hand on his chest and her other hand gently played with his hair; she returned the kiss onto his lips. She then gently broke the kiss and looked into Dae-Hyun’s dark, almond-shaped eyes. “Let’s go into my room, where we can be more comfortable.” Lilianna said as she took his hand and led him into her bedroom. Lilianna’s bedroom had turquoise walls with royal blue trim, a large bookshelf that holds all her books, a big window lined with white curtains, an armoire and drawer set for all her clothes, a flat screen mounted on the wall, and a full queen-sized bed with 400-thread count sheets. Her nightstand also had a lamp that turns on with a touch of her hand. Lilianna softly moaned as Dae-Hyun gently pushed her black medium-length hair to the side and planted soft kisses along the side of her neck. Dae-Hyun’s hands rested on her waist before gently sitting her down on the bed; he continued kissing on her neck as he carefully removed the dress from her body. He took his time scanning every square inch of her black lace lingerie-clad body with his dark almond-shaped eyes, he then said, “Smart, sociable, and sexy…I like that in a woman.” They continued to passionately kiss each other’s lips until Dae-Hyun gently broke the kiss to take off his shirt. Lilianna was extremely impressed with the sight of Dae-Hyun’s body; he didn’t just have ripped abs, he had ripped abs for days! He had the kind of abs that Lilianna could grate a whole block of cheese. Along with a pair of toned arms and a firm chest, Dae-Hyun’s body was completely fit. Lilianna then returned his kissed as she laid him down on the bed. While they kissed, they ran their hands all over each other’s bodies, Lilianna slowly grinded her hips against his lower body while on top of him. Dae-Hyun slid his hands up to her body and unhooked her bra from the back. Once the bra came off, Dae-Hyun gently fondled her breasts before pleasuring them with his mouth. He started taking off his jeans as he kissed his way down Lilianna’s body; he carefully removed her panties and took his time orally satisfying her chocolate pussy. He tasted her like she was a slowly melting vanilla ice cream cone topped with hot fudge. Lilianna’s oral experience became intense when Dae-Hyun not only held both of her hands while going down on her, but he also looked into her dark brown eyes. As soon as Dae-Hyun was without jeans, Lilianna got a feel of his fit and firm ass in her hands. To Lilianna, Dae-Hyun’s body was like honey-dipped sin and she wanted a taste; she kissed and licked his frontal body till she stopped at the waistband of his dark blue Polo Ralph Lauren boxer briefs. Dae-Hyun laid his back against the headboard of the bed as Lilianna slowly pulled off his boxer briefs inch by inch till she revealed his manhood, which was long in length. He had a nine inch dragon between his legs, Lilianna was amazed and impressed that Dae-Hyun broke two myths that night: that sexy Asian men don’t exist and they that have small cocks. After thinking up a way to wake up his dragon for a brief moment, Lilianna took initiative by licking his length while stroking him. She took her time waking up his dragon while Dae-Hyun moaned in response; Dae-Hyun stroked her silky, black hair with both of his hands while being pleasured by Lilianna’s hand and mouth. Once his cock became nice and hard, Dae-Hyun sat up and deeply kissed Lilianna’s lips. He then took out a condom from the pocket of his jeans, Lilianna watched in desirable anticipation as he put the condom onto his nine inch dragon cock. She looked into Dae-Hyun’s dark almond-shaped eyes as he deeply and slowly slid his cock into her chocolate pussy. Lilianna gasped at the feel of him inside her, she wrapped her legs around his waist and squeezed her pussy lips tight around his cock. “Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?” Dae-Hyun asked her. “Don’t stop, it feels so good. Keep going.” Lilianna replied. Lilianna moaned and groaned loudly as Dae-Hyun’s cock hit her g-spot perfectly. At the same time, Dae-Hyun rubbed her clit in circles with his fingers, taking her pleasure level over the edge. They then switched into the arch position and Dae-Hyun continued to stroke Lilianna’s pussy just right without losing his hold on her body. Lilianna stroked his body with her hands as her moans become pleasurably intense; her dark brown eyes turned dark chocolate in the heat of intensive passion as she looked into his eyes. They moaned out each other’s names as they went into a sexual climax, beads of sweat dropped from Dae-Hyun’s body onto Lilianna’s stomach. “Ohhhh……ahhhhh…I’m coming! I’m coming!” Lilianna moaned audibly. “I’m coming too…Come for me, Lilianna….Come for me.” Dae-Hyun groaned in response. A few seconds later, Dae-Hyun took out his cock, removed the condom, and splashed his Asian man milk onto Lilianna’s stomach. He passionately and deeply kissed her lips; he then placed his hands onto her hips and tasted her pussy once more, making Lilianna have another massive orgasm. Lilianna stroked and played Dae-Hyun’s dark hair as orally pleasured her pussy; she also had another orgasm from looking into his eyes while he tasted her. Once Lilianna came, she and Dae-Hyun laid beside each other on the bed; their naked bodies perspired with lust and pheromones and their heartbeats slowed down as they rested. “That was great, Dae-Hyun.” Lilianna said as she lightly kissed his neck and collarbone. “It sure was, Lilianna.” Dae-Hyun replied as he held her hand and kissed it. The next morning, Dae-Hyun cooked breakfast for Lilianna while she was asleep in her bed; he cooked bacon, cheesy scrambled eggs with salsa, and some Nutella peanut butter and banana stuffed French toast waffles. He put the breakfast onto a tray along with a glass of orange juice as he carried it to her bedroom. Lilianna awakened to the feel of Dae-Hyun’s kisses on her face. She sat up on the bed, looked at her breakfast, and said, “Wow, everything on here looks so delicious.” Dae-Hyun placed the tray onto her lap and sat beside her on the bed. Lilianna took her time and savored each bite of her breakfast. Once Lilianna finished her breakfast, she said, “I really enjoyed my breakfast, Dae-Hyun.” “I’m so glad you enjoyed it.” Dae-Hyun happily said to her. “I enjoyed it just like I enjoyed you last night.” Lilianna replied as she kissed his lips. “Let me bring you the Sunday paper. Don’t worry about the kitchen; I’ll clean it up for you.” Dae-Hyun as he stepped out of the bedroom. Lilianna sat up in her bed and thought to herself, “Ooh, I can’t wait to tell Rosalie all about my date last night. She’ll be so amazed.” THE END


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