PREVIEW: Kat's Sex Diary: Vegas Fling with Bianca & Simon-Part Three: The Surprise

Part Three: The Surprise The next morning, I woke up and had myself an early morning orgasm before I got myself ready for the breakfast buffet at the lobby. Also, I left a hefty five-hundred dollar tip for the housekeeper and called the front desk for housekeeping before leaving my hotel room for breakfast. All the food tasted so much better, especially after a night of hot and passionate sex; it was like my sense of taste had been heightened, along with my four other senses. Breakfast was so good, I made three trips around the buffet. After my very delicious breakfast, I got into my Altima and drove on over to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets-South for a shopping spree. I made my first stop at Wilsons Leather as soon as I’ve arrived at the outlet and got myself a few leather jackets; there’s something kind of arousing about the feel of butter soft leather, which reminded me about this one time back in California I bought and tried on a new leather jacket with just my lace underwear underneath and touched myself while it. I then went on over to Perfumania for a fragrance fix; there I saw Felicia, the perky redhead from The Pleasure Seeker’s Palace. I saw her and said, “Hi, Felicia!” “Kat! How are you?” She said as she walked up to me. “I’m feeling great! How about you?” I said to Felicia. “Same here, just enjoying my day off and doing a little shopping. Ooh, I see you got that orgasmic glow on your face. So how was your date with Simon?” Felicia said to me. “OMG! Last night was phenomenal, Simon even treated me to a private strip show and a lap dance at my hotel room before doing the deed. We had round one in the bedroom and then had round two in the living room. I even got to use one of my clit massagers that I bought from yesterday. Simon’s a gentleman in the streets and a sex god between the sheets. All that and a very good kisser, too.” I explained to her. “That’s great! I wish I met a sexy man and have sex with him.” Felicia replied as we tried on fragrances. Curious, I asked, “Why do you say that?” “Well, my boyfriend and I haven broken up and I’m feeling a little lonely.” Felicia responded. “Sorry to hear about that.” I replied as I sprayed some Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy on my wrist. “Oh, don’t worry. He’s going to college in another state and he’ll probably meet someone new while he’s there. Enough about that, tell me about you.” Felicia replied. “I’m a widow, I live in California, and trying to have a new start in my life. Widowhood has been very kind to me. I’m here in Las Vegas not only for a weekend trip, but also because it’s Simon and Bianca’s wedding anniversary. I was even a bridesmaid at the vow renewal ceremony the other day. Did I mention I had a threesome with them on their anniversary night?” I said to her as I picked up a few fragrances and put them into the shopping basket. “Wow, you had a threesome with a married couple? I’m impressed, I bet you have plenty of good flings being a widow and all.” Felicia said happily. “Oh, I have…trust me on that!” I replied. After our little shopping spree at Perfumania, we then went on to the Gap Outlet and tried on some jeans. We also talked about our lives; Felicia told about her family situation. Her mom had problems (drinking, abandonment issues, and adultery), which caused her parents’ divorce, her dad moves to another state, and her mom’s unemployment because she had lost her job and now lives with her apartment. I, in return, told Felicia about my parents’ divorce, my mom’s involvement with meth, her legal troubles, her using me and my little brother’s college money through the hard times, me having to work five different jobs, my little brother Jonathan in college, my husband’s death (he was shot and killed), my miscarriage, being laid off from my last job, and my bout with depression. “You’ve been through a lot, but I’m glad things are looking up for you and your little brother.” Felicia said. “Yeah, me too.” I said as I tried on a pair of jeans. Felicia and I instantly bonded over fashion, family issues, and perfume; I guess you can say we’re kindred spirits. After an amazing shopping spree around the outlet, we stopped at the food court and had lunch at Dairy Queen/Orange Julius. “So, Felicia, what’s it like working at an adult store?” I asked her. “Let’s see I’m making good money, meeting new, interesting people, and also thinking about my fantasy sexual life. It’s better than my last job as a cashier at a drugstore.” Felicia replied. “Speaking of adult play things, I make money as a Slumber Parties consultant. In fact, my biggest sale was at a divorce party for a friend back in California.” I said to her. “Wow, that ‘s a good sale! I’m thinking about doing something like that for the extra income.” Felicia happily said. “Slumber Parties and Pure Romance are good places to make extra money.” I said as I gave her one of my Slumber Parties consultant cards from my purse. “I’m definitely gonna need a few things from you. Is this your first time visiting Las Vegas?” Felicia responded. “Yes, why do you ask?” I asked Felicia. “Well, I wanted to invite you to girls’ night out, done Las Vegas style. I’ll bring a few of my gal pals, pick you up from the hotel, and go out on the town. I’m talking Chippendales, Australian Thunder From Down Under, dinner, drinks, and dancing.” Felicia responded. Happily intrigued, I replied “All that sounds like fun! Count me in!” “We’ll pick you up at 7 o’clock tonight and I’ll even introduce you to my friends.” Felicia said. “Fantastic! I can’t wait!” I replied excitedly. After lunch, Felicia and I exchanged cell phone numbers before separately leaving the outlet. I returned to the Wynn hotel a few minutes later and got myself ready for a girls’ night out in Las Vegas. I then heard a knock on my hotel room door, I opened and found a box outside the door. I took it inside my room and opened the box to find a dozen cupcakes from a bakery. Inside the box lid was a note taped to it, I opened the note and it said: “A box of sweet treats for the sweetest and sexiest widow. Love, Simon.” I thought to myself, “This man’s sweeter than an Easter basket full of Cadbury crème eggs.” I looked at the different flavors of cupcakes, all of which looked so damn delicious. I decided to save them for my late-night dessert tonight. I showered and styled my really long hair, I then looked through my perfume haul from Perfumania and picked my perfumes. I first sprayed a little bit of Alien by Thierry Mugler behind both of my ears, then some Angel (also by Thierry Mugler) all around my neck, and finally Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret on the rest of my body. Once the perfumes had dried on my body, I got myself dressed and ready for girls’ night out. For my outfit, I wore a new pair of black legging jeans I had bought from the Gap Outlet, a new black leather motorcycle jacket I got from Wilsons Leather, a white lace sleeveless style top, a denim steel boned underbust corset, and a pair of black faux suede double strapped maryjane heels. My lingerie of choice was a black all over lace push up bra and a pair of black lace hip hugger panties; my waist-length blue black hair was styled in a wavy side pony. I was fully dressed and accessorized all before seven o’clock; I took the elevator to the hotel lobby and waited for Felicia and her friends to get here. Seven o’clock came and Felicia arrived with her friends on time. Felicia had on a purple mini dress with a single draped sleeve, jeweled detail, and side cut out detail, along with matching purple high heels. Her medium auburn hair was down to her shoulders and the color made her brown eyes pop. “Felicia, you look absolutely stunning tonight!” I happily exclaimed as Felicia and her friends entered the lobby. “Thanks, you look very gorgeous yourself, Kat. Let me introduce you to my friends.” Felicia replied. Felicia then introduced me to her three, single, equally gorgeous gal pals: Tonya, Aurora, and Brittany. “So, Felicia, this is the widowed woman you’ve been telling us about?” black-haired Tonya asked her. “I bet she’s a model in another life, especially with the hair and the body.” brown-haired Brittany said to Felicia. “Tonya, I like your outfit! You look like you could be gangster’s girlfriend.” I said to Tonya. She had on a black button-down shirt with a pinstripe underbust corset, a black fedora with a pinstripe ribbon, dark gray stiletto heels, and a pair of black high-rise skinny jeans. “Thanks, Kat. You look like a biker chick gone glam, it’s so you.” Tonya replied. We continued to chat and get to know each other as we got into Felicia’s car, a black 4Runner. Our first stop on our Las Vegas girls’ night out was the Rio to check out the Chippendales male revue, Felicia then said to me as we all entered the hotel & casino, “Kat, if you think Simon’s private performance was very impressive, wait till you see these guys on stage.” “Ooh, I can’t wait to see this!” I said excitedly. The girls and I definitely enjoyed the sexy male show, hot guys with ripped bodies wearing various costumes with different stage settings before taking them off. The whole show got me on an endorphin high, yet it was well worth it. After the show, we then went to the Flirt Lounge for dancing and a few drinks; I also did some flirting on my own and danced with three cute guys. One of the three cute guys even loved the perfume on my neck because he thinks Angel’s a very sexy, seductive scent on a woman. After that, we went to the Tropicana and checked out Australian Thunder From Down Under, which was just as hot and steamy as the Chippendales show. After the show, we went to Denny’s on Las Vegas Boulevard for dinner; I love Denny’s because they’re open 24/7 and their prices aren’t as high as the IHOP. “I must say, this has to be the best girls’ night out ever! I really had a great time with you girls tonight!” I happily said Felicia and her friends. “We definitely enjoyed you too, Kat.” Tonya said to me. “You should come to Las Vegas more often and we can have more girls’ night outs together.” Brittney added. “So, Kat, have you heard from Simon and Bianca lately?” Felicia asked me. “When I came back from shopping today, I got a box of a dozen cupcakes from Simon.” I replied. “Ooh, what a sweetheart.” Aurora replied. “Yeah, he is. I especially enjoyed him last night, if you know what I mean.” I responded. “When I first saw you two together at The Pleasure Seeker’s Palace, I’ve been getting some kind of fantasy in my mind.” Felicia said to me. “Felicia, I had no idea you got that kind of side to you.” I said in amazement. “When you work in a sex toy shop like I do, you tend to get ideas and fantasies every now and then.” Felicia replied. After a very delicious dinner, the girls and I went back to the Wynn hotel and took the elevator to my hotel room. I gladly shared the cupcakes with Felicia and her friends; I took a bite one of the cupcakes, which was a strawberry shortcake cupcake, and it was so yummy. “Simon really got good taste; he got the cupcakes from my favorite cupcake place.” Felicia said as I showed her and her friends the cupcakes Simon got me. “Kat, I know this cupcake place here in Vegas that have cupcakes inspired by cocktails. In fact, let me give you the name and address of that place.” Tonya said as she wrote it down on the notepad on my desk. “Thanks for sharing your cupcakes with us.” Aurora said as she took a bite of a cookies-n-cream cupcake. I wrote my cell phone number gave it to them so that they get in touch with me. They in return put their phone numbers into my cell phone. “Kat, if ever you’re in Las Vegas, look us up.” Brittany said as they left my hotel room. “I’ll be back, Kat. I got to take my friends home and also I got my overnight bag in my car.” Felicia said to me. A couple of minutes later, Felicia came back to my hotel room with her overnight bag in tow. “I’m a little curious, Felicia. What did you mean when you said that you got some kind of fantasy in mind?” I asked her while we sat on the living room sofa. “When you were talking about your encounters with Simon and Bianca, I guess you can say I got turned on from some of the details. Actually, I have two sexual fantasies: pleasuring another woman and having a FFM threesome.” Felicia replied. “Not trying to get into your personal business, but have you ever…?” I asked her. “Remember that ex-boyfriend I told you about?” Felicia asked me. “Yeah, I remember.” I replied. “Well, he was my first. My first time with him was the night after the senior prom, he had protection and everything. Things were good between us, especially because we’ve dated since sophomore year. Our break-up happened one or two weeks before our high school graduation.” Felicia said to me. “Wow, that must have been hard for you, as if your parents being divorced wasn’t already bad enough.” I replied. “Yeah, I think of working at The Pleasure Seeker’s Palace as a refuge. It’s like one of many escapes from my problems, along with going to the mall, the spa, and also girls’ night out.” Felicia said. Then, a light bulb switched on top of my head, I had an idea. “I think I have a way to get your sexual fantasies fulfilled.” I said to her as I got up from the sofa. I got my hotel key card and said to her, “Follow me.” Felicia and I left my hotel room and went four doors down to Bianca and Simon’s room. I listened at the door for noises; I didn’t hear anything which means they’re out on a date night. I inserted my key card, opened the door, and we were inside the room. Just like my hotel room, Bianca and Simon also have a bedroom and living room in the same spot. I looked at Felicia and said, “Ready to be fulfilled?” Felicia replied, “I’m very ready.” With that being said, Felicia and I moved on over to the bed; she softly stroked my long, blue black hair as she took off my new leather jacket. I then stroked one of her legs before moving up to her frontal body. Felicia made the first move as she kissed my lips, I must say she has soft, sweet, kissable lips. I watched as Felicia carefully took off her dress, she got a gorgeous perky body, especially covered in purple lingerie. We resumed making out as she ran her hands all over my body, I moved my lips down to her neck and my hands gently fondled her bra-covered breasts. We were so into touching each other’s bodies that we didn’t hear the door open or the footsteps. I felt a pair of hands softly touching on my frontal body, I then looked up and there was Simon with his fully-clothed body pressed against my back. “Hi, Simon.” I said to him. “Kat, I was just thinking about you.” Simon replied as he kissed my lips. “You remember Felicia from the sex shop?” I said as I introduced her to him. “Oh, how can I forget?” He said as he reached for Felicia’s hand and kissed it. “Felicia and I just had a girls’ night out with her friends. I hope you don’t mind, I wanted to surprise you and also to thank you for the cupcakes. So where’s Bianca?” I said to him. “Bianca’s at the lounge downstairs, she also said she was going to go to the casino afterwards.” Simon replied. “Well, when she gets back, make sure she has her journal ready for another steamy story. Felicia’s here because I’m helping her fulfill her sexual needs and fantasies.” I said to him before I kissed Felicia on the lips as I kicked off my heels. “I’ll be sure to tell her all about it when I see her. I’m going to change into my pajamas, if you don’t mind.” Simon as he unbuttoned his dark button down shirt before going to the bathroom. While Simon got himself out of his nighttime clothes, Felicia then helped me out of my outfit until I was in my black lingerie. She looked at me as she said, “OMG! Were you a Victoria’s Secret angel in another life? “ “Now what made you say that?” I asked her with a smile. “Because you got a gorgeous body, especially when you’re wearing clothes and sexy lingerie like what you’re wearing right now.” Felicia replied. “Why thank you very much.” I responded. I softly moaned as Felicia planted soft kisses from my neck down to the tops of my breasts, she then unhooked my bra and my breasts were freed. Her hands rubbed and fondled on my breasts before pleasuring them with her mouth. Then, Simon came back into the bedroom in black satin pajama bottoms, sat behind me on the bed, and started kissing on my neck while Felicia kissed on my body. I felt one of his hands slid down between my thighs and rubbed my clit; his other hand touched Felicia’s face as they sneaked a sweet, passionate kiss on her lips. I reached around and unhooked Felicia’s bra, setting her C-cup breasts free. Her breasts had pale, puffy nipples; I softly squeezed both of her breasts and she moaned in response to my touch.


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