Bed Of Roses

I loved looking at my garden, especially my roses. I could neverwalk through the garden without thinking about me and my loving,adoring, caring, handsome husband Alan. Every day, I would work onmy flower garden while Alan would work on the yard. But then oneday, Alan was complaining of a headache and then without warning hecollapsed. I called 911 and they answered, but Alan died at the scene. The doctor said Alan had a severe brain aneurysm. Nothing could be saved. Alan and I had been married for a year and a half. I could never look at the flowers and yard without thinking about Alan and crying every time I go outside, take a bath, or even go to sleepbecause I really miss him. Today, I went outside to see my flowers.I looked at the gardenias and a tear fell down my face. Ourgardener, John, saw me crying. He sympathetically asked, "Are you okay?" I looked into his brown eyes and said, "I'm fine. It's just that I really miss Alan and I loved him so much." He reached his arms out to me and gave me warm hug. John saidto me "Let me help you. Let me make love to you." With his hands, he cradled my face with them and gave me a kiss on the cheek.That night, I stood by my bedroom window, wearing my white push-uplace and charmeuse gown with a high-cut opening that shows off my curvy thigh. I heard a knock on my window and there was John. He was wearing nothing but a pair of light blue jeans and shirtless. He had a boyish face with a man's body. He smiled as he took my hand and we walked to the backyard, because he said he had a surprise for me there. We went outside to the backyard where I saw a large, white blanket and pink rose petals all over it. I thanked him by kissing his soft lips. He returned the favor by kissing my mouth as he laid me down on the blanket. He whispered of how beautiful I looked. He deepened the kiss as he carefully slid the straps of my chemise down. I could feel his tongue dueling with mine in my mouth. His lips moved lower to my neck, nibbling, sucking, and kissing it.While softly kissing,John carefully pulled down the top half of my chemise,revealing my soft,full breasts.With his mouth he suckled themlike a baby and his hands cupped them.I let out a moan.His tongue softly licked my nipples.He slid down to my belly and circled my bellybutton with his tongue.His hands touched both of my thighs.Underneath my chemise,I was wearing but a thong.He felt a wet spot.He carefully inserted a finger in my wet womanhood and his thumb was rubbing my clit.I was getting so wet.In one sweep,he removed my thong and began tasting me.My moans were increasing in tempo.Then,he came back to my lips and deeply and passionately kissed me.While kissing me,I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans.My hands held on his butt as he was about to go inside me.He slowly and deeply went in and out of me.My moans were turning into orgasms.After my intense orgasm,John laid on top of me and held me close to his body.We wrapped the blanket around our naked bodies and the petals sprinkled on top of us. THE END


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