Dinner (& Dessert) For Two

I had a really stressful day at work.I couldn't wait to go home,soakin a bubble bath,change into my pajamas and just relax.I came home and noticed that a few candles were lit in the living room.I went into my house.I hear soft music playing and the lights were low.I even smelled the fresh flowers that were on the dining room table.The kitchen even smelled good.I sat down at the table and thenmy boyfriend Nick came in wearing nothing but an apron and a pair of tightie whities.He served me dinner which was an Italian pasta dish with alfredo sauce,mushrooms,shrimp,and lobster with garlic bread onthe side. He want to surprise me and I was surprised indeed,especially since he cooked.Nick sat down next to me,takingoff his apron so he can show off his ripped body,and ate dinner withme.We began feeding each other this delicious meal.While eating,wewere looking into each other's eyes.From the way he cooked,he musthave took lessons in cooking from the Food Network.The food was sogood,I couldn't eat anymore.Nick smiled as he wiped my mouth with anapkin and I smiled back.I said to him "That was really good.I can'twait to see what you made for dessert." I was full from the delicious dinner Nick cooked for me.It was so tasty! I went into the living room to relax and take off my shoes.Then,Nick came in from the kitchen,still wearing tightie whities.In his hand,he had a bowl of chocolate-dipped strawberries and a bowl of whipped cream.He sat down beside me,took a strawberry,dipped it in the cream,and fed it to me with his mouth.He noticed there was some cream on my lips and kissed it off with his.We made out for a little while and then he slowly began taking my clothes off,piece by piece until I was in my white lace bra and panties.I looked at his sexy,ripped body.We started feeding each other chocolate-dippedstrawberries.Then,I began spreading some whipped cream on Nick's torso.I slowlybegan licking him from the waist up from his ripped abs to hischest.After that,I was making out with him and I wrapped my legsaround his waist.He smiled at me as we looked into each other's eyes.Nick then gently laid me down and caressed my entire body with his hands.I quivered from his touch.He looked at me and told me of how sexy I looked as he laid his body on top of mine and began kissing my neck.My hands were going up and down his back.I moanedas he kissed my breasts and cleavage.He carefully unhooked andremoved my bra.His hands cupped my breasts as he started to softlysuck them with his mouth.He dipped his fingers into the whippedcream spreadall over my stomach as he slowly removed my panties.Heeven put some on my thighs.Nick kissed and licked the cream off mystomach before moving to my thighs.He applied some cream on my lovecanal and began licking me down there.I loudly began moaning,Myhands were running through his blonde hair.He then softly licking my clit.He came back up to my face and deeply kissed my lips.He took off his underwear and slowly and deeply went inside me.He held me close as I was about to cum.After my mind-blowing orgasm which lasted a lot longer than five minutes,Nick wrapped his arms aroundmy neck and laid beside me. THE END


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