Chocolate Cupcake-BW/WM story

Marvella James owns and operates a cupcake bakery/shop in Tampa called Cupcake Cravings. There, she makes cupcakes in several different flavors. Not only that, she also caters for parties and social gatherings too. She recently made cupcakes for a breast cancer awareness benefit last October, which was a success. As she started baking cupcakes at the shop, Marvella got a call from Mrs. Tiffany Gaston, president of the Tampa Junior League. Mrs. Gaston was planning a social gathering to benefit Tampa area libraries. Mrs. Gaston wanted Marvella to bake seven dozen cupcakes in seven different flavors. Plus, the benefit was in a week.

Marvella was very excited about this job, not only because of the pay but because it's for a good cause as well. She then got started on the first dozen, which is the Key Lime cupcakes. She prepared the cake batter using a giant mixer and heated the oven before placing the paper cups on to the muffin/cupcake pan. She then poured the batter into the paper cups in the pan. She put them in the oven and started working on the Key Lime green icing. Once the first batch was done, she took them out and let them cool. While they cool, Marvella began working on the second batch which was vanilla. She enjoyed baking, even when she was a little girl with her Easy Bake oven. Now at 23, she had made her baking dream into a reality. A culinary school & business school graduate, her ambition and passion was as big as her sweet tooth.

As she was about to ice the first batch, a tall, sexy, blond handsome man came into her bakery/shop. she came up front to help the customer.

"Excuse me, miss. I'm here to check on the order." He said to her.

"Can I get your name?" Marvella asked.

"Gaston" He said to her.

"Oh yes, I remember. Ms. Gaston called me about making cupcakes for the fundraiser. I've just baked the first batch of cupcakes for the library fundraiser. Now I'm on the second batch. And you would be?" She said to him.

"I'm Jayden. Jayden Gaston, her son." He said as he introduced himself to her.

"Very nice to meet you, Jayden. I'm Marvella and welcome to my cupcake bakery/shop Cupcake Cravings." Marvella replied.

The timer went off and Marvella went to take out the second batch of cupcakes. She let them cool and then moved on to the next batch which was triple chocolate. She prepared the batter the same way but added cocoa powder to it.

"You seem very busy. Would you like for me to assist you?" Jayden offered.

"I would like that very much." Marvella happily replied as she handed Jayden a white apron.

Marvella and Jayden went back into the kitchen and got to work. Marvella began icing the second batch while helping Jayden on the next batch of cupcakes. Once she was done icing the second batch, she helped Jayden with the batter. He mixed while she added the cocoa powder, being that the third batch involves the triple chocolate cupcakes. He then poured the batter on to the baking cup-lined cupcake pan. Marvella starts making the milk, dark, and white chocolate icings.

Next, Jayden then removed the apron to take his navy blue sweater and white button down shirt off.

"I hope you don't mind. I don't want to get my clothes messy." He said to her with a wink and a smile. Marvella looked and enjoyed the view Jayden had supplied.

His body was ripped and cut in all the right places, especially in the arms, chest and abs. The timer went off and the chocolate cupcakes were ready to be cooled and iced.

"So what's the next flavor?" Jayden asked her.

"Next up is strawberry. So far we got three batches in three flavors, which means nine more to go." Marvella said as she iced each chocolate cupcake with the three chocolate frostings.

Jayden prepared the batter and then added red food coloring while Marvella made the strawberry frosting. While working, Marvella had some thoughts on her mind. She wondered what he would taste and smell like, what he would be like in bed. Jayden put the batter into the baking-cup lined cupcake pan and put it in the large, stainless steel oven.

While the fifth batch baked in the oven, Jayden moved himself closer to Marvella and inhaled her scent.

"What is that perfume you're wearing? Smells really good on you." Jayden said to her as smelled her cocoa skin some more.

"Chocolate Cake and Frosting. I get plenty bath and body products from this store that have all these unique scents, especially ones with yummy bakery scents. I wear a different bakery-inspired scent everyday." Marvella said as Jayden kissed her neck.

Then, the timer went off and the strawberry cupcakes were done. Jayden took them out and placed them on the cooling rack.

Marvella then got started on the batter for the next dozen. "I'm now making Dulce de Leche. While I make the batter, you check the strawberry cupcakes to see if they're cool so you ice them with the strawberry frosting."

The strawberry cupcakes were cooled and Jayden starting frosting them with strawberry frosting. Marvella filled the cupcake pan with the dulce de leche batter and put the pan in the oven. Jayden then had an idea to get Marvella's attention.

He took the bowl with chocolate batter used for the triple chocolate cupcakes from the counter. With his fingers, he spreaded the batter on Marvella's neck and licked it off her. She quivered at the feel of his tongue. She smiled, turned to Jayden, and he kissed her lips.

She smiled at him and said, "That was tasty. What was that for?" as she slowly licked her lips.

Jayden smiled at her and said, "You taste sweeter than candy."

He kissed her lips some more as he took down her ponytail, freeing her black, silky, shoulder-length hair.

Marvella broke the kiss and said "Wait right here." just as the timer on the oven went off. She took the cupcakes out and placed them on the cooling rack. She then turned the oven off and went back to kissing Jayden's lips. She removed the apron from his ripped, half-naked body and her hands explored it as they kissed.

She took some of the vanilla caramel buttercream frosting for the dulce de leche cupcakes and spread it on his chest. Marvella then licked the frosting off of his chest. After that, Jayden took Marvella's apron and unbuttoned her pink ruffled blouse. She moaned at the feel of his lips kissing her neck His hands reached around to the back of her black underwire bra and unhooked it. Her soft, well-endowed breasts felt lush in his hands. He softly suckled her nipples as if they were ripe berries. Marvella was in an ecstatic rush, feeling his mouth and hands all over her voluptuous, womanly full frame. Jayden's hands traveled lower to the waistband of her black stretch jeans.

Once he took them and her pink kitten heels off, Jayden sat her down on the counter. He applied some of the key lime frosting on to his tongue and kissed her lips again. Marvella loved where this was going. She then took off his stonewashed jeans and then his black boxer shorts. She poured some of the vanilla cake batter on to his body from his shoulders right down to his ivory cock. She proceeded to lick the batter from his body. When she lowered her mouth to Jayden's vanilla cake batter-coated vanilla dick, Marvella slowly licked and sucked him. The combined taste of the batter with his pre-cum made it even more tempting. As she tasted him, Jayden's fingers were wrapped in the silky web of her hair. His moans told her he enjoyed it without even saying a word. Jayden then took himself out of her mouth, pulled her up body to his, and deeply kissed her lips.

Jayden laid Marvella down on the same counter and began tasting the chocolate cupcake between her thighs. Marvella loudly moaned as she her juices leak into his mouth. To his mouth, she was a chocolate treat he wanted to savor. Every lick and suck he delivered to her chocolate pussy sent shockwaves of pure pleasure throughout her body. After that, he looked at her and briefly licked his lips. Now he was ready to get inside her deep.

He got out a condom from his jean pocket, tore the foil packet open, put it on, and gently pushed himself in her pussy. As Jayden went in and out of her, he wrapped her legs around his waist, intensifying the sensation. Their audible moans and groans were turning into passionate, sex-induced screams. Luckily, Marvella had the bakery/shop closed to the public for today and had the shades pulled down. Then, once their sexual journey went into climax, they had a collective orgasm as Jayden pulled his cock out, took off the condom, and spilled his male icing on Marvella's womanly chocolate cupcake. Jayden pulled her up as they shared one last passion-filled kiss.

"Mmmm, that was the best treat ever!" Marvella happily moaned as she looked into Jayden chocolate brown eyes.

"I agree wholeheartedly." Jayden replied with a perfect movie star smile on his face.

"I think the dulce de leche cupcakes have cooled. I'll frost them with the vanilla caramel buttercream icing." Marvella said as she got down from the counter.

"Okay. How many dozen cupcakes have we made so far?" Jayden wondered as he volunteered to help with the clean up.

"Let's see, we have 12 key lime cupcakes, 12 triple chocolate cupcakes, 12 strawberry cupcakes, 12 dulce de leche cupcakes, and 12 vanilla cupcakes. So that makes 60 cupcakes in total. All we need is two more dozen and the order will be complete." Marvella replied as she loaded the already iced cupcakes into the pink bakery boxes.

"I'll be glad to help you with the 24 extra cupcakes tomorrow." Jayden happily offered.

Marvella walked up to Jayden, kissed his lips, and said, "I would appreciate that very much!"

Marvella and Jayden then cleaned up the kitchen and helped put each other's clothes back on.

"Marvella, mind if I ask you something. Would you like to be my date for the benefit?" Jayden asked her.

"Yes! I'd love to!" Marvella happily replied as she kissed his face. She then took one of her business cards and wrote down her phone numbers on the back of the card.

"Here are my cell phone and home phone numbers. Call me sometime."Marvella said to him as she offered him the card.

"I sure will. I'll see you tomorrow, Marvella." Jayden said he smiled back at her.

"Can't wait to see you tomorrow also, Jayden." Marvella said to him as he blew her a kiss and walked out of the shop.

Marvella was so thrilled, not only did a hot, rich hunk helped her in the bakery, she also got herself a date for the benefit. She definitely looked for to seeing him again tomorrow.



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