Dana's Leak

Dana Stevenson, a fresh-from-a-divorce Black woman, stood by the kitchen sink as she called a plumber because the pipes were leaking. She was little frantic at first, afraid that the pipes would burst. But as soon as the handyman came over, she was at ease.

She opened the door and let him in the house. He said to her, "Miss Stevenson, I'm Peter and I'm here to fix a leak."

Dana got a good look at Peter. He was 6-foot-2, well-built, dark-haired, blue-eyed, and white. She didn't mind the handyman being white at all.

"The kitchen's right this way." Dana said as she showed him the way to the kitchen.

Once Peter started working on the kitchen sink, Dana began working on her project in the home office. She works as a legal adviser/secretary as her day job. It had been a long time since she had any action since she and her husband had divorced, yet she wondered about being in bed with a white man. A couple of minutes later, she stepped out of the office and secretly watched Peter as he worked on the plumbing in the kitchen.

She quietly studied his well-built body, which was mostly covered by a white wifebeater tank top and stonewash blue carpenter jeans. His toolbelt was wrapped tight around his waist. Dana then went back to her office to resume her work. As she typed away on her notebook computer, she thought about something. She was glad be divorced and independent and all, but she also craves physical contact.

"I bet sex with a white man is a bit more exciting than sex with my ex-husband." Dana thought to herself.

Suddenly, she felt something wet between her chocolate thighs. It was an hour later when she then checked up on Peter, who was almost done with the plumbing in the kitchen. Peter then got up and said, "Miss Stevenson, you're sink is officially fixed.Wanna check it out?"

"Love to." Dana said with enthusiasm.

Dana walked over to the kitchen and tried out the sink. She turned it on and then turned it off. The sink was finally fixed and there were no more leaks. Dana was very happy about that.

"Wow, at least I don't have to worry about a leaky sink again. Thank you so much, Peter. " She said as she smiled at Peter.

She then went to get out her purse and gave Peter the money. He smiled back at her and said, "I appreciate you letting me repair your sink. You know I do other kinds of repair. I'm a builder, carpenter, electrician, all of that."

"That's great. Would you like something to drink?" Dana said to him.

"Great, thanks." Peter replied as he washed his hands and sat down at the dining room.

Dana fixed up two cold glasses of water and filled them with ice. She sat with Peter in the dining room as they drank their ice water. Peter then started scanning her curvaceous frame with his eyes. He briefly imagined himself, kissing her luscious lips and caressing her cocoa-skinned, hourglass-shaped body between the sheets. As they finished quenching their thirst, Peter then made the first move by taking Dana's hand and kissed it. She watched as he softly kissed her fingertips. Dana sighed lightly at the feel of his soft kisses. He pulled her up from her chair and passionately kissed her lips. After the kiss, Dana kissed him back while she lead him upstairs to her bedroom. They were halfway up the stairs as they passionately kissed each other's lips. Peter then slowly slid the white satin robe off of her body.

His lips kissed hers again as they were near her bedroom door. As soon as they entered the bedroom, Peter gently lowered the straps of her long, white satin-and-lace gown while he kissed her neck. Her full, luscious breasts were exposed as Peter fondled them with his large hands. He replaced his hands with his mouth on them and Dana let out a breathy moan. She held his head in place as he continued to lick and suck them. After that, Dana then sat back on the bed as Peter walked around the queen-sized bed. She took his tank top off from his perfectly ripped body. He lifted the skirt of her gown up to her waist. He started tasting her chocolate pussy from behind and she enjoyed the sensation.

His hands held on to her hips as tasted her. She tasted sweeter than honey on his lips and tongue. Peter kept tasting her cocoa pussy till she was nice and wet. Peter then got up and took his tool belt off. Dana undid his other belt, took off his jeans, and freed the ivory tool between his legs. She savored his ivory cock in her mouth, taking her time on him. As she orally assaulted him, Peter gently played with Dana's long, naturally wavy black hair. She then got up to kiss his lips with plenty of passion. Peter was hard and wet just for her and his tool was ready for her leak.

He slipped on a condom, pulled her body up close to his, and dived right into her pussy. Dana loudly gasped and moaned at the feel of his cock inside her. She felt her body quiver and shake blissfully with Peter went in and out of her. They couldn't get enough of each other, manually and/or orally. She inhaled his scent, which was a heavy combination of pheromones, sweat, and sandalwood. His hands caressed every inch of her body. Their passion-filled screams created a lustful melody as they were heading for a climax. Peter's thrusts met in time with Dana's moans and groans. Next thing you know, Peter took himself out, removed the condom and came right on her stomach as he laid her down on the bed.

After that, he deeply kissed her lips and said, "Miss Stevenson, thanks for letting fix your plumbing, among other things. Here's my card with my numbers if you ever need any home repairs."

"Ok, thanks. I'll be sure to that." Dana replied as she kissed him back.



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