Chef's Special

I had been looking forward to going to this fancy new steakhouse/seafood restaurant downtown with my so-called boyfriend. I was all dressed to the nines with my chocolate brown pointelle-knit peasant dress with my black hair up in a curly ponytail. I also wore my new black stilettos with black lace bows in the front. There were plenty of people sitting in the tables, nice classical music playing in the background. I could just smell the delicious food being cooked and everything. I ordered myself a glass of pinot noir while I waited on my boyfriend. I took a Chaser before drinking my wine. Suddenly, my cell phone vibrated and I went into the women's restroom to answer it.

My boyfriend and I had a verbal confrontation on why he couldn't meet me for our date tonight. He told me he had plans with his mother and then had the nerve to tell me things she said about me. We argued over the phone and next thing you know we break up. I returned to the table, looked over at the menu, and then cried as I drank my single glass of wine. Not only was I heartbroken, I also had a hunger headache. I looked into the menu and everything in it looked so tempting, yet it's so hard to think about what to order. Just as I was about to take my order, the waiter walked up to my table.

"Waiter, just take the other chair away. My boyfriend's not coming. We just had fight and now we broke up. I'm not sure if I want to eat. Just give me the check." I said as I paid for my glass of wine.

As the waiter picked up my check and cash, I gathered my purse and lace shawl as walked out with my head hurting and my heart broken.

I walked up to my car when the waiter had given me a note. It said:

"The chef cordially invites you to a private dinner party. There will be plenty of food and wine. Hope to see you there."

The chef's address along with the date and time were on the bottom of the note, which said 10 o'clock tonight. So I put the note in my purse as I got into my car. The night was still early because it was 7:30. I went back to my place, took an Advil for my hunger headache, and freshened up a bit. I've never been invited to a dinner party before, let alone a private dinner party. I thought to myself, this is going to be so exciting. A private dinner party with the chef from the restaurant and some dessert to have.

I then took a shower, put my outfit back on, touched up my hair, sprayed on some perfume, gathered my things, and went into my car. I drove to the address which led me to an uptown condo. I went inside the place, knocked on the door, and there came a tall, white man who was half-naked with an apron on his frontal body. He also had medium blonde hair and blue eyes.

"I'm here for the private dinner party." I said.

"I'm so glad you came. My name's Oliver and I am the main chef over at the restaurant. I knew about you when I saw how heartbroken you were when your boyfriend didn't show up." He said as he walked me to the living room.

There were candles and flowers on the dining room table. Soft jazz music was playing in the background courtesy of the stereo in the living room. He pulled up a chair for me and I sat myself down.

"My boyfriend's now my ex. We broke up tonight, but I don't want to talk about him. I was so upset that I left the restaurant really hungry." I replied to him.

Oliver got out two wine glasses from the cupboard and poured some chilled white zinfandel in them. He then placed the glasses on to the table.

"I was thinking we can start with a few appetizers. We got some oysters on the half shell, jumbo shrimp cocktail and a shrimp-and-spinach salad with citrus vinaigrette." Oliver said as put the plates together.

He put the dishes and the food on to the table, placed the silverware accordingly, and placed the cloth napkin on my lap as he joined me at the table. He sat right next to me and proposed a toast.

"Here's to a great evening of great food with a great woman." Oliver as he looked at me with those sparkling blue eyes and perfect smile.

"Cheers." I said as we clink our glasses together and began eating the appetizers.

As I began eating the oysters and the salad, I savored them even they were appetizers. I took my time, enjoying the food. Oliver and I then looked into each other's eyes as we ate.

"So what made you want to be a chef?" I asked Oliver.

"I love food and I love to cook. Plus, my mom's a cookbook collector and still is, yet she does love to cook as well. She also loves to entertain friends and family. When I was a teenager, my dad showed me how to use a grill. He was proud of me and so was my mom. They were even more proud when I graduated from The Culinary Institute. I love what I do." Oliver replied.

"I, too, love to cook. I do it often myself because my ex's idea of fine dining is anything you can get at a drive-thru or at Applebee's. Plus, not only am I a member of a cookbook club, I also like to watch the Food Network, learn recipes from my mom, and shop at the local farmer's market." I said to him as I took a slow sip of my wine.

Then, the timer went off and it was time for the main courses. He had served a big surf-and-turf dinner, along with braised beef short ribs, steamed lobster, and creamed spinach. After I had finished my glass of wine, Oliver then poured some chardonnay into my glass. We sat, ate, and looked into each other’s eyes. Meanwhile, I felt one of Oliver’s hands trying to stroke up my thigh; I didn’t give it any thought because I was really enjoying the food.

A couple of minutes later, I was full from the most delicious dinner I ever had. Plus, it was way better than dinner at the restaurant. Oliver then got up from his seat next to me and all of a sudden he had kissed my lips. The kiss was very warm and soft. He even stroked my face as he was kissing me.

Oliver then looked into my brown eyes and asked me, “Ready for dessert?”

I looked at him and said, “I can’t wait!”

He took my hand and led me to his bedroom. Once we were there, Oliver slowly and passionately kissed my lips. He could taste the wine on my lips and I tasted the dinner on his. His hands slowly took off my dress before he sat me down on the king-sized bed. I got myself comfortable as he kneeled and took off my shoes. He helped take off my jewelry and put them on the nightstand. He gently laid me down on the bed as he kissed my lips again.

“I’ll be back with dessert.” Oliver said as he kissed me before going to the kitchen.

I laid back and relaxed on his king sized bed while Oliver was in the kitchen getting dessert ready. A few minutes later, Oliver came back with a big plate full of small, scrumptious desserts on one hand and a glass of champagne in the other. The glass of chilled champagne had a vanilla bean in it. He put the plate and glass down by the bed and helped me out of my dress. He also took off my shoes so I can feel relaxed. He kissed my lips as he picked up the plate of desserts and placed them on the bed between us.

After the kiss, Oliver took the chilled glass of champagne with the vanilla bean in it from the nightstand. I watched as he poured some of the vanilla bean-infused champagne on to my belly button. He then got out a bottle of melted chocolate and poured some of it around my belly. Suddenly, he softly licked the champagne and chocolate off of my stomach. I gasped a bit as I felt his lips and tongue tasted the sweet dessert off my body. He then kissed me on the lips and I tasted it all on my tongue. I tasted the vanilla, the chocolate, and champagne from his mouth.

Next, he fed me again. This time, it was one of the desserts from the plate. He first fed me a triple chocolate-dipped strawberry. I took a bite and it was heavenly. I tasted the milk, dark, and white chocolates mixed with the fresh strawberry. It was so tasty. Then, he fed me a pineapple slice that was dipped in dark chocolate. It was indulgent and tropical at the same time. I returned his kiss on the lips as I made my way on top of his body. After the kiss, Oliver took his time and took off my underwear. He didn’t rush on the foreplay as he kissed and licked my body. He took the bottle of chocolate, put some on his tongue, and kissed my body. I moaned and groaned at the sensation of his hands and mouth all over me. The chocolate in his mouth made it even sweeter. It became much sweeter when Oliver poured some chocolate on to my pussy.

“Mmmmm, ooooohhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh.” I moaned over and over.

As he tasted my pussy, he briefly looked into my deep brown eyes. He even held my hands as my juices gradually leaked into his mouth. Oliver definitely enjoyed the combined taste of the chocolate with my female nectar. After that, I kissed his lips.

While I kissed him, I then took off his black solid apron and his black flat front pants. I was completely turned on and amazed by his tight, fit body. I mean, he was really fit for a restaurant chef, but I don’t mind that all. I took the squeeze bottle of melted chocolate and poured it on his body. I made a sweet, chocolaty trail from his neck to his chest down to his abs.

I kissed and licked down his frontal body. I licked the chocolate clean off of him. He was aroused by the scene and enjoyed it. My fingers brushed against his hardening manhood that was covered by his dark gray boxer shorts. After I licked his body clean of chocolate, I slowly removed his boxers. I poured some of the chocolate onto his vanilla dick and licked it off. Oliver moaned as I tasted him. The mix of his precum with the chocolate made it even delicious. His hands stroked and played with my hair as I taste him some more.

“Are you ready for me, Oliver?” I asked him.

“Oh yes I am.” Oliver said happily.

I then took out a condom from the nightstand next to the bed. I placed the plate next to the champagne glass on top of the nightstand. I opened the condom from the wrapper and properly slid it onto his cock. Once the condom was secured on his cock, I slowly guided my pussy on to him. I gasped for a bit because I was tight and my sugar walls squeezed his member. Oliver held on to me with his arms wrapped around my waist. I looked into his blue eyes as he sat and kissed my lips. I slowly bounced up and down on his vanilla dick. His hands caressed all over my womanly, chocolate body while his mouth kissed all my exposed areas. Then, I bounced a little harder and faster, anticipating the moment.

“Baby, I’m getting close. I wanna come with you.” Oliver loudly moaned.

“Come with me, Oliver.” I urgently moaned as I looked into his eyes.

Our bodies rocked against each other as we proceeded into climax. We kissed each other’s lips as I continued moving up and down on his cock. Oliver then laid me down on the bed, getting in and out of my pussy. Our passion-filled moans were intense and louder by the minute. Finally, Oliver took himself out, took off the condom, and sprayed his white chocolate onto my belly. He gently laid his body down on top of mine and passionately kissed my lips. As we rested our lust-covered bodies close to each other, we ate some more of the desserts on the plate and sipped the rest of the vanilla bean-infused champagne. This was the night that both of my hungers for food and sex were fulfilled.



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