The Multitasker

Brenda Culpepper had been looking forward to coming home to Charleston after staying in Atlanta with her best friend, Madeline Smith. But when she came home with Madeline, Brenda saw something she had never expected. Her spacious, split-level house had been broken in half because a large tree had fallen on her house, breaking the house in half. Luckily, her house was insured. While Brenda was out of town, a huge, strong thunderstorm had come through Charleston. It wasn’t as dangerous as a hurricane.

Brenda and Madeline inspected the damage. Most of the living room, her home office, and her bedroom were damaged by the large tree. Brenda then called her insurance agent about the damage. Madeline took out her digital camera and took pictures of the entire house. Brenda felt a little upset about her damaged house, but was really glad she was out of town when it happened.

A couple of minutes later, Joseph Livingston, Brenda’s insurance agent, came over to inspect the house damage. The weather in Charleston was clear and pleasant, compared to the treacherous storm that had occurred a couple of days ago. Six-foot-five Joseph had inspected the damage while five-foot-five Brenda made a list of items that were already damaged from both the tree and the storm.

“Ms. Culpepper, I have an estimate on the damages to your house. You’ll have a hefty settlement check in a few days. In the meantime, do you have a temporary place to stay while your house is being rebuilt?” Mr. Livingston asked her in his baritone voice.

“I’m either thinking about going back to Atlanta with Madeline or stay at a hotel in Myrtle Beach.” Brenda replied.

“Brenda, I believe I know someone who can help repair your house among other things.” Madeline said as she offered her a business card from her wallet.

“Mr. Livingston, I’ll be expecting the check in a few days. Better yet, I’ll pick up the check in your office and in person.” Brenda said as she went into her car, a silver Lexus, with her bags in the backseat.

She looked at the business card Madeline gave her. The card said:

Gideon Avery
Home & Garden Specialist
(923) 555-4826

Then, Madeline got in the passenger seat and the women drove over to Myrtle Beach. An escape to Myrtle Beach was just what Brenda needed to take her mind off of her storm-damaged house. Hours later, the two women arrived at a luxurious beachside hotel. They checked in and paid for the deluxe suite. Five-foot-nine, statuesque Madeline and five-foot-five, very voluptuous Brenda are successful career women, earning five figures annually. Madeline’s a successful senior wedding consultant who’s already a partner at Cinderella Dream Weddings. Brenda, on the other hand, makes a living working on two jobs. She works as both creative director for Charleston City Scene and also runs a jewelry/accessory boutique with her older sister Connie called Charleston Charms.

Once the ladies had checked in at the hotel, Brenda unpacked her things. “So how good is Gideon when it comes to home repairs and stuff?” She asked Madeline.

“He’s extremely good. I’ve checked him out on both Craig and Angie’s Lists. Last year, he came and remodeled my kitchen. Not only that, he even redesigned my bathroom and fixed the plumbing. He even planted a few trees and flowers in my garden.” Madeline replied.

Madeline dialed up Gideon’s number on the hotel room phone and put it on speaker phone.

“Hello, this is Gideon. How may I help you?” a sweet, handsome male voice answered.

“Hello Gideon, this is Madeline Smith. First of all, I really want to thank you for the work you’ve done on my bathroom, kitchen, and garden. Second, my friend Brenda needs some help with her house.” Madeline said.

“First of all, you’re very welcome and I’m glad that I can help. Secondly, how can I help your friend?” Gideon replied.

“Hello, Gideon. My name’s Brenda Culpepper. Just recently, my house had been split in half by a very large tree from a dangerous storm a couple of days ago.” Brenda said to him.

“Oh, I’m very sorry to hear that. So where’s your house? I would love to check it out.” He said.

“My house is in Charleston and my address is 529 Lilac Avenue. Madeline and I even took some pictures of the damage. Thank goodness, my house is insured.” Brenda said.

“Okay, I’ll be there right away. Nice talking to you, ladies. Bye.” Gideon replied.

“Bye.” The ladies replied as they hung up the phone.

“You see, Gideon can do it all. He’s a builder, contractor, landscaper, electrician, plumber, painter, landscaper, roof contractor, heat contractor, and he even does windows. Replacing them, that is.” Madeline said to Brenda.

“I’m sure he would give Ty Pennington a run for his money.” Brenda responded with a hearty laugh.

Madeline and Brenda decided to go out to the beach. While they were outside, Brenda pondered about Gideon. She wondered not only what he would look like, but also wondered how her house would look like once it’s fixed. But other than that, Brenda didn’t mind going out of town twice in one month. After a fun stroll on the beach, the women came back to their room. Madeline got a missed call on her cell phone. Gideon’s number was on her phone and Madeline called him back. After that, she told Brenda that the job or jobs would take four to five weeks for Gideon to complete.

“No problem. There’s plenty to do here in Myrtle Beach. Let’s have some fun!” Brenda said excitedly.

The two chicks had been eating out, beachcombing, shopping, taking up shows, and even checked up on work during their four to five week stay. Brenda worked on a cover design for the next issue of Charleston City Scene while Madeline helped two or three couples plan their weddings. Brenda finished the design on her notebook computer and e-mailed it to her boss.

A month later…

Brenda got a call from Gideon about her house on her smart phone.

“Miss Culpepper, your house has been repaired. The tree has been removed. Would you like to see your newly built house?” Gideon said to her.

“Why yes, I would love to! Thanks so much!” Brenda replied happily.

As soon as she and Madeline gathered their things and checked out of the hotel, the women drove back to Brenda’s newly rebuilt house in Charleston. The women were greeted by Gideon. He was very tall with a muscular-yet-well-built body. His medium-length, dark blonde hair graced his round shaped face; his white wife beater tank top and stonewash blue denim overalls fitted close to his body.

He walked up to Brenda and said, “Welcome home, Brenda.”

The three of them all walked inside and the ladies were awestruck. The kitchen, home office, and her bedroom were all rebuilt, repainted, and also refurnished.

“I even replaced the damaged furniture and added hardwood floors to the whole house.” Gideon said to the ladies.

“This is so wonderful!” Madeline happily exclaimed.

When Brenda stepped into her newly repaired and refurnished bedroom, she was really astounded. Her dressers, nightstand, and armoire were furnished in Douglas fir wood.

“So what do you think of your rebuilt home, Brenda?” Gideon asked her.

“Gideon, I loved it! I can’t wait to do some serious shopping!” Brenda happily responded.

“You’re very welcome. You have to see your closet.” Gideon said as he showed her the newly remodeled closet.

The remade closet was large and spacious enough for her to walk inside. On one long rack, there were all her tops, jackets, and dresses. The other rack held her pants, jeans, skirts, and belts. Also, there was a large drawer that contained her all her lingerie and shapewear. All of her shoes were on the top and bottom of her closet.

“I really love my closet!” Brenda cheerfully exclaimed.

“I couldn’t take all the credit. My sisters Camilla and Justine helped with laundry, organizing, picking out furniture, etc. We even took care of the clean up.” Gideon told the ladies.

“Where are your sisters? I really want to meet and thank them.” Brenda said.

“They had an interior decorating job to do out of town. But I’ll be glad to tell them you said thanks and you love their work.” Gideon replied.

Brenda’s bedroom walls were painted in a shade of indigo with a faux finish and the large window frame was painted in sky blue. Brenda loved the work Gideon and his sisters did on her house so much, she wrote three checks: one for Gideon and two for his sisters.

Then, Brenda said, “I’m expecting a hefty check from the insurance company soon. I was wondering if you’re not busy, I would like to take you out to dinner as my way of expressing my gratitude for all you have done.”

“Sure, I would love that. Thanks so much.” Gideon said to her as he flashed his movie star perfect smile.

“My pleasure. How does Friday night sound?” Brenda replied.

“Sounds perfect.” Gideon said.

After saying her goodbyes to Madeline and Gideon, Brenda was finally at home, her newly rebuilt, split-level house. She unpacked her bags, put all her clothes into the armoire, set up her notebook computer into her new home office, and relaxed in her living room. As much as she loved visiting Madeline in Atlanta and going on a trip with her to Myrtle Beach, but as they say “there’s no place like home”.

That Friday night, Brenda got herself all glammed up for her date with Gideon. She wore a black strapless, floor-length gown with a wide black leather belt around her waist. Her feet were adorned with black suede platform pumps; her chocolate brown, elbow-length hair was up in a very classy chignon. Her neck was decorated with a freshwater cultured pearl, multi-layered necklace, her ears had on diamond drop earrings, and her left wrist had on diamond-encrusted silver bracelet. As for make-up, it was simple with just red lipstick on her lips.

Her dress had a slit that was up to her right hip. When Gideon arrived at her door, he wore a navy blue sweater with a brown leather jacket, medium wash boot cut jeans, and dark brown loafers.

“You clean up very, very nice for a multi-tasking handyman.” Brenda said with a smile.

“Thanks, Brenda. You look amazingly sexy tonight!” Gideon said to her as he handed her a bouquet of long-stemmed lavender roses.

Once she got her purse and keys, Brenda and Gideon left in his car, which was a blue SUV.

“I like your wheels, Gideon.” Brenda said.

“This is my going out auto when I’m not driving my work truck.” Gideon replied.

They got into his car and went out on their date. First, they went to an upscale steakhouse in midtown and dined on surf-and-turf. They even had wine and dessert afterwards. Then, they went dancing at a downtown jazz club. As they slow danced, Brenda thought about another way of expressing her gratitude to Gideon…in bed.

He’s hot, gallant, and very good with his hands. Brenda thought to herself.

Gideon thought of Brenda as well. He thought of how lovely she looked when he first met her after her house had been rebuilt. After a night of dinner and dancing, Brenda and Gideon drove back to her house.

They walked up to her front door and then Gideon said, “I had a great time with you tonight, Brenda. Dinner was great, though I’ve never had a woman treat me to dinner before except my mother. The checks you gave to me and my sisters were good, not to worry.”

Brenda smiled back at him as she unlocked the door with her house keys. Suddenly, she delivered a deep and passionate kiss to Gideon’s lips.

Gideon grinned and said, “What was that all about?”

“I’m thanking you again for everything you have done for me.” Brenda replied in a sensual tone in her voice.

Brenda kissed his lips once more before leading him to her bedroom. Once they were there, she laid Gideon down on her queen-size canopy bed. Brenda slowly unbuckled her belt and slipped off her pumps. She then unzipped the back of her dress, letting it slowly slip down her body. Once the dress came off, Brenda was in her strapless black lace bodysuit.

Next, she crawled on top of Gideon, kissed his lips again, and took off his sweater and jacket. While she kissed him, she then took his shoes off. Gideon was in his dark gray boxers when Brenda ran her hands up and down his body. She took her chignon down, setting her hair free. Gideon saw Brenda in a whole new light. His hands traveled from the top of her head all the way down to her thighs. Brenda leaned close and kissed every inch of his body. She took her time waking up his sleeping cock with her lips and tongue. His moans and groans were audibly saying to her that he was enjoying it.

As he was being orally pleasured, Gideon’s hands played with her hair, which felt like satin through his fingers. After he was nice and hard down there, Brenda took out a lubricated warming/cooling condom from her condom stash in her nightstand and slid it properly onto his cock. Brenda took off her lace bodysuit as Gideon sat up and orally pleasured her lush, womanly breasts. Gideon even took his time, kissing every inch of her body.

After that, Brenda slowly guided her pussy on to his condom-covered cock. She rocked her body against his while she was on top. Her knees rested against both of his hips as she grinded on his cock. Gideon’s hands held on to her hips, making the sensations mutual, even though she’s pleasuring him. They moaned and groaned in unison as their bodies created a sexual friction. Once they had reached climax, they came together and their bodies rested in lustful heat.

Gideon whispered in Brenda’s ear and said, “That was beyond amazing, it was astonishing! Next time, I can take you out and pleasure you afterwards.”

“I would really like that!” Brenda happily said as Gideon looked into his deep brown eyes.

After going through everything in such a long time, Brenda was really glad to be home again.



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