My Under the Cover Angel-a Kellan Lutz visual

It was a perfect Sunday morning. I was in my big, queen-sized bed, sleeping in because I'm off on weekends. Sleeping in's one of my many favorite things to do on weekends after a very busy five-day work week. Though my eyes were closed, I felt the cool morning breeze and the warm sun through my window.

Next thing you know, I felt something under the covers. They felt like kisses on my bare feet and ankles. I was slightly awakened and I decided to take a peek under the comforter. There was Kellan, who was on top of me.

As he came up to my face, I smiled and said to him, "Are you my undercover angel?"

He smiled back at me and said, "You could say that. I'm also your under the cover angel."

Kellan then softly and sweetly kissed my lips as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt his hot, naked body on top of my pajama-clad body as we kissed. He's naked mostly because he loves to sleep in the buff. My hands went up and down his bare upper back. I smelled the still-present musky, woodsy cologne on his body. His hands then lifted my dark gray pajama top up to my shoulders, exposing my large, soft breasts. His tongue softly licked both of my chocolate brown nipples. He then squeezed them with his hands before taking them into his mouth. I loudly gasped he orally pleasured my breasts. I deeply kissed his lips as I sat up and caressed his frontal body. He then moved his lips down to my tummy, planting soft kisses on there.

I slowly took off my pajama bottoms as I laid my body back down on the pillow. Kellan smiled at me as he passionately kissed my lips again. Our hands caressed every inch of each other’s skins. Our bodies molded, sexually rubbing against each other. His hands ran up and down my backside while his lips softly and slowly kissed my neck. I moaned lightly against his ear, telling him I’m enjoying it.

Then, I laid him on his back. My hands caressed his hot, ripped body up and down. As I touched him, his hands softly touched my face. I smiled at him as we touched each other. Our bodies glowed and warmed in the bright sunlight that shone through my bedroom window. Kellan had the most sparkling blue eyes that were like little pools I could just drown into. His smile was as bright as the sun.

“You look so beautiful in the morning.” Kellan said to me as he looked into my deep brown eyes.

“So are you, Kellan.” I said to him.

I heard softly moaned as I kissed and licked his frontal body. I felt his hands going up and down my back. I then sat up on top of his body. I caressed him from head to toe. His skin felt smooth and ripped to the touch. Kellan in turn caressed my womanly body from my black, shoulder-length hair down to my thick chocolate thighs. Kellan sat himself up, wrapped his arms around my waist, pulled me close, and deeply kissed my lips. As we kissed, my hand softly began to stroke his awaiting cock. His cock felt like velvet between my fingers.

Next, Kellan laid me down on my back and began kissing from the tops of my feet all the way up to my inner thighs. He gently spread my legs open and gave my pussy a long lick. I closed my eyes and gasped as I felt his tongue taste me down there. I loudly moaned and groaned as he kissed and licked my pussy. I felt my juices steadily leaking into his mouth. My finger gently stroked his blonde hair as I was being orally satisfied. My pussy lips and my clit were equally pleasured by his mouth. I was close to cumming onto his lips. After that, he looked up at me, licked his lips, and kissed my lips once more. I softly stroked his cock again while he laid back on the bed. While I stoked him, I took my time and sucked his vanilla, velvet cock.

“Ohhhhh. Mmmmmm. Your mouth feels so warm and so perfect.” Kellan moaned as I softly stroked and sucked him at the same time.

As I orally pleasured him, his hands ran through my black silk-like hair that was down to my shoulders. His moans and groans became intense by the minute. So I passionately kissed his lips, just so the moment won’t be too intense. I took a lubricated condom from a box beside my lamp on the nightstand, opened the wrapper, and properly put it on to his cock. Once the condom was on, I slowly guided my pussy onto his cock and slowly rode him. Kellan placed his hands on my hips, holding on to me as I was on top of him. He looked into my eyes and caressed my body while I moaned and groaned on top. My pleasurable moans and groans echoed against the four, spacious, turquoise blue-painted bedroom walls. My screams of ecstatic pleasure became louder and more intense with each thrust. Kellan then joined me as we moved on into climax. His moans matched with mine as I bounced up and down on his vanilla cock. We passionately called out each other’s names in the heat of ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Kellan, I’m about to come…!” I loudly moaned.

“Come with me, Kellan!” I added.

We had reached climax simultaneously till I gently collapsed onto Kellan’s body and we deeply kissed on the lips. We head each close, wrapped up in each other’s arms. Our bare bodies rested while perspiring with sweat and passion, savoring the moment by cuddling under the covers. A couple of moments later, I woke to find a note by one of my pillows.

The note said: “Taking the dogs for a walk, will come back to make breakfast. Enjoy some rest. Love, Kellan.”

Kellan took his dogs Kevin (a chihuahua) and Kola (a shepherd-husky mix) along with my dogs, Marshmallow (a westie highland terrier), Ginger (a brown-and-white shih Tzu), S’mores (a black and brown yorkie terrier), and Caramel (a welsh corgi) for a morning walk. It felt really good to catch some shut-eye on a Sunday morning, but having some sex on Sunday morning isn’t bad either.



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