PREVIEW: Eau de Seduction

My name is Elena Martin. I’m 27 and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m a fragrance fanatic, a woman who appreciates a good perfume. I would constantly shop at department stores, beauty websites, and perfume shops, just to take a sniff at each one. Often times, I’d inhale a small bag of coffee beans, just in case I go too far and get perfume overload. Every now and then, I’d go to a department store, smell a fragrance, buy it, and even buy the matching body products.

Sometimes I would buy either a new fragrance by a celebrity or a new designer fragrance. I would even buy the scent-alikes a.k.a the inexpensive versions of popular perfumes. One day, I went to the mall to do some shopping and my first stop was at a department store. When I go to a department store, I would first visit the cosmetics department, then the women’s accessories, the shoe department, lingerie department, next the women’s plus size department, and finally the fragrance counter. I shopped really well that day. I bought myself two scarves, a new purse, three pairs of jeans, and a pair of silver and turquoise earrings. Then, I came to my favorite section, the fragrance counter.

I was approached by a tall, dark-haired young man. He asked me, “Miss, would you like to try the new fragrance for women, Passionate Foreplay?”

I said to him, “Why yes, I would love to try it.”

I walked up close to him as he took my hand and spritzed the perfume on it. I smelled the scent and let my sense of smell explore it.

“Do you like it?” The salesman asked me.

“Ooh, I just love it!” I gushed happily.

“That’s great. Forgive my manners, but what is your name?” He asked me.

“I’m Elena. And you are?” I replied.

“I’m Shane. Very nice to meet you, Elena.” He said.

I smelled my hand again and said, “This Passionate Foreplay smells so sexy!”

This fragrance had vanilla, jasmine, patchouli, musk, pink grapefruit, and raspberry, which makes it sexy and calm.

“So Elena, what’s your favorite fragrance?” Shane asked me.

I replied, “To be honest—I have a list of favorite perfumes that’s as long as my arm. But I can definitely name a few: Fire & Ice, Heat, Ralph Lauren Romance, Estee Lauder Sensuous, Dolce & Gabbana Rose the One, etc. How about you, Shane?”

Shane then smiled at me and said, “Well, I like Diesel Fuel for Life Men, Very Sexy for Men, Boss Intense, Polo Black, to name a few. I, too, have a long list of fragrances.”

“When it comes to fragrance, I’m not limited to just perfume. I also like scents in candles, bath & body products, and oils. Above all that, I do enjoy the scent of pheromones.” I replied.

He said, “Yeah, me too. Pheromones with fragrance—a most amazing love potion. Pheromones are like one of the many weapons of mass seduction and I believe that everyone should have them in their sexual arsenals.”

I then moved closer and gave Shane a whiff. He smelled very hot for a perfume spritzer. I asked him, “What cologne are you wearing. Shane?”

“I’m wearing Nautica for Men with a touch of Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men mixed of course a pheromone body spray I bought online. The body spray is a unisex pheromone cologne.” He responded.

So I walked around the large women’s perfume counter and got myself really close to Shane. Up close, Shane was extremely handsome. He had short, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and was 5’11 tall. Brazenly, I made the first move and deeply kissed his soft lips. I placed my hands on his chest while I kissed him. After the kiss, Shane whispered in my ear, “Can I smell you?”

“Yes, you can.” I whispered back.

Shane first smelled my neck on one side and then the other side. “Are you wearing pheromones, too?” Shane asked.

“Yes, I am. I’m wearing a pheromone body spray made for women to attract the opposite sex. I wear it all over my body. Every now and then, I like to wear it with my favorite perfumes.” I replied.

Shane then returned my kiss as he held me close. He slowly took off my white short-sleeved white baby t-shirt by lifting it over my head. He started kissing my neck while his hands rested on my upper back.

“You smell so good, Elena. Are you wearing any other perfumes on your body, along with the pheromones?” Shane said to me.

“Why yes, do you want me to give you a show-and-smell?” I asked with a giggle.


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