PREVIEW: Kathy's French Rendezvous-Johnny Depp visual

Kathy was in Paris, on a lovely vacation. It was her first time there, let alone anywhere overseas. She loved the magnificent view of Paris from her hotel room. She even brushed up on her French speak with help of a French/English phrase book. One day, she decided to have lunch at French bistro. She called for a reservation and stepped out of the hotel. She took a taxi and arrived at the bistro. Once there, she ordered her lunch in French; she ordered lemonade for her drink and steak and French fries for her lunch. While waiting, she decided to do a little people watching and even looked at her France book.

Her drink was ready and poured her lemonade into her glass. Then, she heard a male voice speaking to her.

“Excuse me, mademoiselle. Would you mind if I sit here with you?’ He said.

“Why yes. Sit down, s’il vous plait.” Kathy said looking up at him.

He had short dark brown hair and intense deep brown eyes. He looked into her blue-green eyes as he kissed her hand.

“Enchante…Mademoiselle…” He said to her.

“Kathy. Je m’appelle Kathy. Et tu…?” She replied.

“Johnny.” He said back to her.

Kathy was intrigued by the man sitting next to her. Her lunch had arrived and Johnny ordered himself some lunch, so he can join her. He ordered himself a croque monsieur and a bottle of mineral water. Kathy ate her steak-frites with a knife and fork while Johnny flirted with her. After paying for lunch, Johnny and Kathy then walked over to a small patisserie.

“You look very lovely for an American woman.” Johnny said to her while holding her hand.

At the patisserie, they picked up some Napoleons, an apple tart, chocolate ├ęclairs, and various fruit tarts. Then, they went to his apartment. Johnny then took out a bottle of pinot noir at room temperature. He poured the wine into their glasses and sat with her on the living room floor.


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