PREVIEW: Carnal Conference

I was out of town for a very romantic weekend with my boyfriend Nick. We were at a deluxe suite at an upscale hotel in Atlanta. While Nick had stepped out, I was chatting online with my hot bisexual guy friend John by way of Skype. John was at our loft apartment in downtown Lexington. John and I have hooked up and we’ve became friends with benefits ever since. John’s bisexual and I’m a straight chick.

Then, Nick came into the room and I greeted him with a kiss on the lips. I introduced Nick to John from Skype on my notebook computer.

“OMG! Nick’s so hot!” John gushed as Nick walked closer.

To me, both guys are hot. Nick’s the blonde, blue-eyed hottie who’s my boyfriend while John’s the dark brown haired, blue-eyed hottie who is my bisexual guy friend with benefits. Nick and John chatted as I slipped into something very comfortable. After I slipped into my black silk and lace babydoll, they even showed each other’s half-naked bodies. Both were hot and ripped in all the right places. I walked in and both guys cheered and applauded.

I said to John, “Be sure to have your cell phone turned on. Also, turn on the webcam.”

I then dialed John’s cell phone number on my smart phone, let it ring a few times, and once John had answered I leave my phone open. I kept my phone by the nightstand so John can hear the action. After that, Nick and I were in front of the computer screen as we started kissing each other’s lips like we were making out. Nick’s such a good kisser with his soft lips. John was getting warmed up on the other end. Nick then slowly lowered the straps of my babydoll. I started playing with myself by squeezing my soft, womanly, naturally endowed breasts. Both men were turned on by my little act.

I then got up and lit five scented candles (three vanilla, two amber). I placed the lit candles on the nightstand and on both sides of the bed. After that, I carefully pulled down the top half of my babydoll, freeing my breasts. Nick softly licked and sucked them as I moaned. John licked his lips as he gently stroked himself.

I moaned, “I love it when you have your mouth on my breasts, Nick.”

John was drowned to me not only because of my extraordinary taste in men, but he also loved that I was a full-figured woman with a womanly, curvy body. Once my twins were pleasured, I led Nick to the bed and started caressing his frontal body. I also started kissing and licking both sides of his neck. I then took off Nick’s jeans since he was already shirtless.

“I’m already getting turned on and you two are still working on the foreplay.” John said over the phone.

“Ooh, I’m enjoying this.” Nick said to us.

Nick turned to me and slowly took off my babydoll. His hands caressed my-satin smooth skin. John was already half-naked and touching his body. His eyes and ears were enjoying the show. I then slipped my hand into Nick’s dark green boxers slowly stroked his cock. Nick moaned and John got aroused as he took his cock out from his boxer shorts.

While I stroked Nick, he then slipped two fingers into my pussy. We mutually pleasured each other. John joined in on the masturbating fun, making it into a wet free-for-all. Then, Nick took off his boxers. He laid my body down on the bed as he slowly removed my panties. I gasped when his tongue delivered the first lick to my pussy. As he licked and sucked my woman cave, I had moaned and groaned very constantly. I felt as if I were a flower offering nectar to a thirsty butterfly.


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