Hotel Foreplay

I was in New York City on vacation. After hanging out with my friends, I came in to my high rise suite hotel room all alone and horny. I went to the bathroom to take a nice, steamy, relaxing bubble bath and pour aromatic oils in my bath. I popped in a few CDs into the CD player.Into the bubble bath I went. I closed my eyes and let the frgrant bath water massage my skin.As I became very aroused,the phone rang.I'm glad my expensive suite has a phone.
I answered and I wasn't surprised to hear Eddie's voice."What are you wearing?" he asked.
I could tell by his voice he wanted some verbal foreplay. After taking my bath and drying off, I decided to wear my turquoise Chinese jacquard corset with my matching G-string. I went to my closet and got out my turquoise geisha kimono robe. I felt great. I loved how the cool silky fabric felt against my skin. I didn't bother to close the drapes and saw Eddie across from the mirroring high rise. Knowing that I had an admirer, he waved to me and I waved back. He motioned for me to turn around and I slowly made my turn and came full circle.

We got our drinks (both cold water)and we had a silent toast. I got out my binoculars and watched Eddie take off shirt. His body was so hot, the lenses on my binoculars fogged up. I teasingly and slowly untied the sash and let the kimono fall to the floor until I was in my corset and g-string, exposing my soft, delicious curves. I turned up the volume to the CD player and did a slow, sensual dance to one of the songs. I began running my hands up and down my body, caressing my beautiful,voluptuous figure nature had given me. Eddie put his hands together, applauded, and blew a kiss to me. We exchanged gestures until it was late. We said goodnight and I close the blinds.My heart was racing again and I began aroused.

I climbed into my bed and felt the cool sheets against me.I fell asleep with a smile on my face. The next day, I was about to do some shopping on Fifth Avenue when the concierge gave me an envelope. It was from Eddie who was in room and it said "I really enjoyed the view but next time let's dance cheek to cheek. How about tonight?"
Then, I wrote a response to his note and gave it to the concierge to give it to Eddie before taking a taxi.

That night, I came over to Eddie's hotel room. My dark brown hair was put up in a curly updo and I was wearing a lang black tube dress with dragon prints and high side slits and black stiletto lace-ups. Eddie opened the door and he looked super hot wearing a brown crewneck sweater and dark blue jeans.
He looked at me and said "Wow,you look stunning."
I smiled and said to him "Thank you."
We sat on the loveseat and started talking about each other. Then, he was talking about how our little encounter last night and he said of how very sexy I looked in my corset and kimono. And I said of how hot he was when he unbuttoned his shirt. He turned on some slow music and we began slow dancing.We were dancing cheek-to-cheek. Eddie smelled really good like a combination of Axe and Bod Men.

While we slow danced, I could feel his nose touching against my neck,smelling my skin. I heard him whisper of how good I smelled and of how long he wanted to meet me tonight. I told him of how I dreamed about him ever since last night. After we danced, I sat down on the plush ivory loveseat. Eddie was about to show me something. I looked at him as he slowly lifted his sweater over his head without messing up his hair and dropped it on the floor. My heart was racing just by watching him take his clothes off. He had a chiseled body that Greek gods would smile upon.
Then, he took both of my hands, pulled me up, and passionately kissed my lips.
While we were kissing, his hands gently touched my skin. I could hear Eddie softly moan against my ear as my hand lightly touched his body. I feel his hands going up and down my hips and back. Then, Eddie broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.He showed me his sweet smile and I felt like my heart was melting.
"You're a very desirable woman."he said to me while his fingers were feeling the the bouncy curls in my hair. I softly kissed his neck. He carried me to the bedroom as his hands were on my hips when he began kissing my face.

We were in the bedroom where I sat on the bed. Eddie slowly began removing my heels while at the same time his hands were touching my thighs. I shivered when he touched my smooth, hairless legs through my dress. Then, I seductively and slowly pulled down my dress. Underneath, I was wearing a black lace trim satin corset and black cotton bikni panties.
When he looked at me, Eddie was stunned by my beauty. He moved in closer to me and deeply kissed my lips.While we kissed,his hands were on my shoulders. My hands were placed on his back as he was sitting on the bed beside me as he was kissing my neck. I swear to you Eddie looked extra sexy when he's fully clothed,but even more hotter when he's either half-naked or in his underwear.I was tempted by his hotness.His hands went up from the sides of my breasts and down to my hips, feeling all of my soft curves. He got a pillow from his bed and gently laid me down. He continued to kiss my neck as my one hand was on his back and the other one was feeling on his firm butt.

Then,he got up,sitting on his knees.He began taking off his jeans. Underneath them, he was wearing tightie whities. I could feel his tongue softly licking my neck and throat. His hands were touching my full hips and thick thighs. He softly got on top of me and with his hands he slowly unhooks my corset.

He was softly kissing my neck as my corset getting unhooked.I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan.Then,I felt his hands softly squeezing and touching my big,soft breasts and his fingers rubbing my nipples.Eddie continued touching me there while he deeply and passionately kissed my lips.I could feel his hands sliding from my breasts to my stomach to my full hips.While his hands were on my hips,I felt the warmth of his mouth kissing and sucking every inch of my breasts.

While he was kissing my breasts, I could feel his hands cupping and massaging them. I laid back as his lips were sliding down to my stomach. Eddie was lovingly kissing and softly kissing me there. As he was kissing me, my hands were gently running through his hair. All that while his hands were still on my breasts.

My semi-naked body was glowing by both the light of the full moon and the light in his room. Eddie was looking into my eyes as I let my hair fall down to my shoulders. His hand was stroking up and down my stomach while his other hand was feeling every strand of my hair. My hair was just as soft as my skin. While he smelled of Axe and Bod Men, my fragrance of choice was Celine Dion. Not only did I love his scent but I love the feel his firm body against my pillowy, soft body when we were slow dancing.

I love that feeling even more when he was pulling me close to him and kissing my lips. Then, I gently laid Eddie down on the bed and began planting light, soft kisses on his body. He was smiling when I started kissing his body. I came back up and passionately kissed his lips. Eddie was running his hands up and down my back.While he was caressing my body and feeling my skin, his lips were near to my ear, whispering sweet nothings.

Eddie was loving everything about me. We went under the covers. I just love the way he kisses me. Everytime, he kisses me anywhere on my body, I feel as though the nerves on my body were on fire. I leaned my head back as Eddie was kissing my throat and neck. His hands were touching and caressing every part of my body, even my full breasts, thickt highs, and full hips. There's more of me for him to love. Then, I laid on my stomach. I quietly moan as he was softly kissing and licking up and down my back. His hands were feeling my butt, thighs, legs, and hips. I was getting up when Eddie was laying on the bed on his back. I slowly began kissing his neck, chest, and abs. I also began whispering sweet nothings in his ear. After that, we were kissing and holding each other all through the night. While I was sleeping in his arms, his hand was stroking my hair.

The next morning, I was still asleep in Eddie's bed when he was sitting beside me. He leans over to kiss my face. I slowly awakened and sat up as his lips moved down to my neck. His hand was on top of my head feeling my hair with his fingertips while he pulls me close to him. My naked, curvy voluputous body was rubbing against his hard, muscular body. I wrapped my legs around his waist as Eddie was giving me a deep, slow kiss.



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