Rainy Day

It was raining cats and dogs outside when I was about to go out.But since the weather was bad,I decided to stay home and get comfortable.I got out a paperback romance novel to read.I was in the middle of the book when I heard knocking on my door.I opened it and Justin was there.He was all soaking wet in the rain when he came into my doorstep.He flashed that so-perfect smile when he saw me.I walked up to him and gave him a big hug.Then all of a sudden,he passionately kissed my lips.While we were kissing,we both drenchedby the rain and Justin saw my pink lace bra through my white cropped t-shirt.We continued to kiss when he headed for the pool area.I began unbuttoning his blue-striped button down shirt which was clinging to his body as his hands were under my shirt.His hot body was glistening by the rain.He sat me down on the chair.His body gently pressed against my body as I was sitting back in the chair.I could feel his lips sliding down to my neck,kissing me there.My hands were on his back and feeling his butt.For a short moment,his deep brown eyes were looking deeply into my chocolate brown eyes.His lips were moving down from my neck to my cleavage.His hands were cupping andsqueezing my bra-covered breasts while he was kissing mycleavage.His lips were moving down to my my belly.We stayed out inthe rain for as long as 30 minutes to an hour.Then I heard him whisper "Let's go inside." and we went into my house to my bedroom.We laid on the bed and slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans.Underneath them,I was pink lace boy short panties.I felt his tongue licking my stomach and his hands were going up and down my hips and thighs.While he was licking and kissing my stomach,I felt his hands on my back,unhooking my bra.Icould feel Justin's hands going lower to my thighs,softly touching them.I watched as Justin was taking off his clothes 'til he was in his underwear like I was.He got on top of me.I feel his hands cupping and massaging my breasts before he started kissing,licking,and sucking them.I started moaning against his ear.My hands were going up and down his back and firm butt.We got under the covers as his hands were touching my entire body.I felt his warm mouth on my thighs before getting to my womanhood.As his mouth was sucking methere,my hands were running through his blonde hair.He removed my underwear very slowly.I felt his semi-hard erection enter my love canal.Each time her went in and out of me,I shut my eyes and moaned and groaned until I reached a intense,slow orgasm.After that,he kissed my neck as his arms wrapped around me while we lay together.THE END


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