Valentine Romance

I was at home,looking at the Internet on my computer.It was Valentine's Day and I was spending it by myself.Then,the phone rang.Kevin called me and he wanted me to come over to hisplace,which is across the street from my house.I was excited about tonight.I came over,wearing my fuschia peasant top,my black stretch pants,and pink strappy sandals.Kevin opened the door,looked atme,and said "Wow,you look stunning." I said "Thanks.You look very handsome."And he did wearing a dark blue shirt and black pants.I let myself in and Kevin gave me a bouquet of long-stemmed pinkroses.Music was playing and the lights were low.He asked me to slow dance with him and I accepted.We slow danced,I feel his large hands were on my waist up to my back.After dancing,Kevin softly deeply kissed my lips.As we kissed,I feel one of his hands stroking my hair while his other hand was resting on the small of my back.We looked deep into each other's eyes.Then,we ate dinner in which he cooked and prepared.He told me he had prepared a bubble bath for the both of us and I joined him.We went into the bathroom where it was dark and the bathtub was surrounded by candles and red rose petals.Kevin slowly and seductively took off my clothes,adoring every inch of my curvy,full-figured body.I sat myself in the tub as I watched Kevin take off his clothes and joinedme in the bath.It was so relaxing.He was even rubbing body wash all over my body while we were still kissing.Kevin even massaged my shoulders while we were soaking in the bath.After the bubbly bath,he slowlydried me off.Then,we went to his bedroom where there were red and white rose petals all over,even on the bed.Gently,he laid me down onthe bed and gave me a fully body massage,scented massage oil included.His lips were warm,soft when they were kissing mine.His hands were giving my entire body slow,soft caresses that made me shiver.All night,he was slowly,softly kissing and touch eveny inch of me.He held me close and kissed my neck as he slowly,deeply went in and out of me.After my orgasm,Kevin gave me a long,deep kiss and held me tight.I heard him whisper "Happy Valentine's Day" as I fell asleep.THE END


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