Invitation To Seduction (The Guy Next Door)

Nick lived across the street from Amy.A few days ago,Amy began receiving lusty love letters from him.He even sent her photos of him without a shirt on.Nick wanted to seduce Amy.It started as a crush and now it's a full-blown infatuation.That night,he was at his house,planning the seduction.He lit candles all over the living room,bathroom, and his bedroom.He sprinkled deep red rose petals on his bed and on the bedroom floor.Everything was set.Now he needed to invite Amy.He sent her an invite.Amy began getting ready for Nick.She decided to wear her little backless black dress,her red lipstick,and black stiletto heels.Her reddish-brown hair was curled at the ends and over her shoulders.She walks over to Nick's house.It was dimly lit,candles all over,slow music was playing,and Nick was all hot and sexy.He showed off his oh-so-amazing body and wearing khaki pants and dark blue boxers.He welcomed Amy to his place.He took her hand and the two of them began slow dancing as the music played on the stereo.He whispered in Amy's ear "Amy,baby,you look very sexy tonight." She said "Why,thank you,Nick.So do you."He leaned in close to smell her.She smelled of Romance.The night of sensual romance was just getting started.After dancing,Amy sat herself down on the soft sofa.Nick slowly began taking off her shoes.He got himself up and bent down to kiss Amy's supersoft lips.She placed her hands on his back as he sat on her lap.He started kissing her hand and licking her fingers before reaching for her lips again.He was whispering sweet nothings in her ear.Nick couldn't wait to feel her silky skin under his bed and Amy couldn't feel to feel his body on top of hers.Slowly, Nick began touching Amy.His hands caressed her entire fully-clothed body.She could feel his hands holding and softly squeezing her breasts.She closed her eyes just to feel his touch.Nick his hands on her body.He began removing her red dress,leaving Amy in her black satin underwear.The satin of her bra and panties felt almost as soft as her skin.Nick took off his pants,wearing but bright colored boxer shorts.He softly kissed her lips while his hands were feeling her stomach and breasts.Then,Nick took Amy's hand and led her to the bathroom where they were about to have a steamy shower.While the very warm water was on,Nick began slowly undressing her until she was completely naked.They got in the shower and they were all wet.He poured the body wash in his hands and began rubbing it all over Amy's body.He rubbed her body with a sponge in circular motions until she was covered in soap.He deeply kissed her lips.Amy felt his hands caressing her entire body.She began rubbing body wash on Nick's body with the sponge.Then,Amy stood under the warm spray of water and Nick continued kissing her lips.His hands were still touching her body as he was kissing her neck down to her breasts.After the shower,Nick continued to kiss Amy's lips when they entered his bedroom.He laid her down on the bed as he slowly laid his body on top of hers.She could feel him kissing her neck.His hands were touching every part of her body.He could feel Amy's soft,creamy skin as he went under the covers with her with his hands still on her body.His mouth went down to her breasts,licking and kissing them.His finger began tracing her belly button on her stomach.He replaced his finger with his tongue on her belly button.Then,his lips moved down from her stomach to her legs.He kissed and licked her thighs.His hands were squeezing and massaging her breasts.He could hear her moaning,telling him she's loving it.All of a sudden,Amy felt Nick's fingers in her private area.They were deep inside her,going in and out of her slowly.Amy began moaning and Nick was kissing her neck.His other hand was softly squeezing both of her breasts.Amy couldn't take much more of this seduction of Nick's.Then,he replaced his fingers with his tongue on her private area.She arched her back so he can get better access to her area.While his tongue was inside Amy,she could feel his lips sucking her down there.As he was doing that,Amy placed her hands on top of Nick's head,feeling his soft dark brown hair in her fingers.She moaned so loudly while he was down there.Then,Amy felt two fingers deep inside while his tongue was licking her.She was hot and wet at the same time.Nick came back up to her lips,kissing them.While they kiss,Nick put the palms of his hands on her breasts,squeezing and cupping them.His warm mouth began sucking and licking her breasts.She could feel his tongue circling her nipples.He continued to suck her breasts as he wrapped his arms around Amy's back.His hands were going up and down her spine and up and down her butt.Amy wrapped her legs around his waist.After that,she left the bedroom and went to the kitchen.She got a can of Reddi-Whip from the fridge.She came back into the bedroom and laid Nick on his back on the bed.Amy applied the whipped cream on his chest and stomach and started giving slow licks all around his six-pack abs.She continued to lick the cream from off his abs to chest.While licking the cream,she softly suck his nipples.Her tongue was tickling Nick's abs as Amy was still licking the whipped cream off of him.She came back to his face with a little cream on her lips,got on top of his body, and kissed his lips.While they kiss,Nick was touching her soft skin with his hands.Nick and Amy were under the covers when he was touching her entire body with his hands.His hand slid down her thigh and his fingers found her hot,wet female center.They softly stroked her sex lips before going inside her.Amy began moaning against his mouth and Nick seductively smiled at her.She could feel two of his fingers deep inside her.


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