Private Show

One night, I was coming home from work when I noticed the lights were dimmed in the living room and candles were lit. Eddie smiled at me. He was always happy to see me. He turned on the CD player. I sat down on the sofa. The song that was playing was Michael Bolton's "Best of Love". Eddie was seducing me with his slow dancing as he began unbuttoning the buttons of his shirt, one by one. Once his shirt was off, my tempature was rising by the minute.

Then, he sat on my lap and slowly began rocking his hips against my body. He took one of my hands and slid it down his frontal body. My hand was feeling his hard chest, ripped abs, and his erection. He then slowly took off his pants, revealing the tight white boxer shorts he was wearing underneath. The whole time he was giving me a private striptease and a sexy, slow lap dance.

Once he was off of his pants and in his underwear, Eddie continued to giving me a lap dance as another slow love song was playing. My hands were touching his entire body as he was looking into my eyes. His hands were on my hips,holding on to me. I was really enjoying this. I just loved his sexy smile. Without warning,his sweet lips were deeply and slowly kissing my lips. My hands were on his back and rubbing his arms and shoulders.

He broke the kiss and slowly unbuttoned my burgundy blouse, unveiling a black satin underwire bra. I just love the feel of his hard body with my soft, curvy body. Then, his lips were moving down to my soft spot, my neck. I could feel his hand running through my shoulder-length dark hair while his other hand was going up and down my front body. His smile and eyes were just as sexy as his body. I slid the blouse off of me as he began unzipping and unbuttoning my black jeans. Eddie stood up, took my hand, pulled me close to him, and passionately kissed my lips again. While doing that, his hands slid down to my hips. I could feel them on my butt, feeling my black satin bikini panties. Then, his hands moved up to my bra-covered breasts. I softly moaned next to his ear as his lips were kissing down my throat.

My hands were on his back, going up and down his lower body. Then, he got up, reached out his hand for mine, and we went to my bedroom. I was still in my underwear when Eddie was standing behind me, kissing my neck and shoulder while wrapping his strong arms around my waist and his hands were softly touching my round belly. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed that feeling.

We made slow, passionate love throughout the night. The next morning, Eddie greeted me with a long kiss and a white rose. Last night was incredible and was the best show I have ever seen.



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