My Best Birthday

I was coming home after my friends and I went out for my b-day and I was wearing my favorite dress, a black lycra long tube dress with along crochet string bottom which fitted my curvaceous body, a pairof black leather platform sandals were on my feet, and my dark brown hair was up in a high ponytail. I noticed the lights were dim in myliving room. I saw a Happy Birthday note from my hot blonde Nick. AsI was reading the note, Nick was standing behind me. I turned aroundand he gave me a hug, a kiss, and a fresh flower bouquet. He wassemi-naked, wearing dark blue boxer shorts when I looked at him andtouched his blonde hair. Nick looked at me and said, "Damn baby, you look really sexy tonight." I blushed as I began kissing on the lips.Nick and I sat on the loveseat when we were still kissing and I tookoff my shoes.

Then, I went to the bathroom. When I was in there, I heard water running and saw my bathroom mirror getting fogged up.Then, I wiped the mirror as I felt a pair of hands on my hips. I heard a whisper saying 'Happy Birthday'. Then, I wiped the mirror as I felt a pair of hands on my hips. I turned around and it was Eddie,my tall, dark, and handsome hunk. I smiled at him as he smiled at mewhen he kissed my lips. He had the kind of smile that can melt yourheart. Eddie deeply kissed me as he slowly began taking off my dressand my white lace lingerie. Once my clothes were removed, I joinedEddie in a warm yet steamy shower. He was rubbing lavender-scented body wash and used a sponge to lather my entire body. His hands feltso good all over me and so were his lips. While he was washing andrubbing my body, I began touching his hard body. After the shower, Ithought to myself I got two good surprises in one night. I went tomy bedroom and changed into something a little more comfortable, ablack and raspberry double layer babydoll/cami with a sweetheart neckline, a front slit, and a handkerchief bodice. I entered theliving room where I saw my other dark-haired hottie Galen. I sat onthe sofa as I watched him slowly strip for me. I was getting hotwhen I reached out to touch his ripped body. From behind his back,he brought out a bouquet of blood red roses for me. He was in histightie whities as he sat himself on my lap and we started makingout and he was also giving me a lap dance. After the striptease andthe make-out, Nick and Eddie brought out the birthday cake and thevanilla ice cream from the kitchen. The cake was a vanilla layercake inside with chocolate frosting on the outside and there were candles on top of it. Nick sang 'happy birthday' and tears werefalling my eyes. I was just so happy. Then, I closed my eyes,silently made a wish, and blew out the candles. All four of us hadcake and ice cream and I gave each of the guys a sweet, passionatekiss and we were feeding each other. My birthday got more interesting when they were all touching and kissing me throughoutthe night. Nick even asked me to have a slow dance with him and Isaid yes. After the dance, I was very comfortable when Galen kissed my lips again and his hands were all over my body while Eddie andNick were kissing my neck. They were feeling inch of me with theirhands and lips. THE END!


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